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Ontario OHSA Safety Awareness for Workers Training

Employers in Ontario are now required to provide their workers with Safety Awareness training as a result of Ontario Bill 160 and the OHSA Safety Awareness Worker training requirements.

Employers can easily schedule the training as you hire new workers. Best of all - all your employees training records are stored in the online system and can be accessed anytime, anywhere by you, as the Admin person.

Q. Does this course meet the requirements for OHS in Ontario?

A. The "Ontario OHSA Safety Awareness for Workers training course" takes about 45 minutes to complete. There are four (4) modules which are setup in accordance with the four (4) steps in the training criteria provided by the Ministry of Labour for Ontario. An OHSA Safety Awareness Certificate of Completion is issued instantly and emailed to you as the course administrator.

Safety Awareness for Workers outline:

Step 1: Get On Board - looks at the roles people play in the workplace and specifically the duties of the employer, supervisor, and worker, as well as the rights of the worker.

Step 2: Get In The Know - introduces the concept of hazards found in a workplace, as well as methods to protect people from these hazards.

Step 3: Get Involved - looks at what tools and techniques are available for people in a workplace to work together to increase health and safety for everyone.

Step 4: Get More Help - explains alternative for dealing with an unsafe workplace situation including the right to refuse work and links to helpful resources and contacts.

Q. I just hired a worker who said he took this course before but has no certificate or record of taking it. Does he need to take it again?

A. As the Employer, it is your responsibility to provide the education and training your employees require. Part of your due diligence is providing documentation or evidence of this training which would mean you do need to have a training record for them. You could contact the Ministry of Labour in Ontario as a Safety Inspector would be the person who would interpret that requirement for you.

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