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Ontario OHSA Safety Awareness for Supervisors training course

Supervisors have an important role in the health and safety of the workers under their direction. For this reason, there is a Supervisor Safety Awareness training program specific to Supervisors in Ontario workplaces.

If you have employees in Ontario, you are now required to provide all Supervisors with Safety Awareness training as a result of Ontario Bill 160 and the OHSA training requirements. To facilitate this training you can now use the online training and testing platform to schedule, deliver and manage all of your training needs.

Q. What is the advantage to doing this training online?

A. You will be able to meet your requirement to provide the training for your Supervisors. As well you have access to the training and testing records for each of your employees as they complete the training online, plus you get the proof of delivery with a certificate of completion. No worries when someone loses their certificate - you have a copy stored in your Employer account.

Q. I am in Ontario, does this course meet the requirements for OHS?

A. Yes the "Ontario OHSA Safety Awareness for Supervisors training course" is a 5 module course based on the 5 steps in the training criteria set out by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario under Bill 160 for Supervisors. It takes approximately 50 minutes to complete the training course including testing.

Contact us with any questions about this training for a copy of the eLaw that describes the Employer’s requirements to provide training by July 1, 2014.

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