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Violence Prevention Program and Training

Occupational Health and Safety regulations in each province require employers to have a Violence Prevention program in place, to educate employees on the risks of violence specific to their workplace, and to implement a Violence Prevention Policy and Procedures.

You have the option to start with the standard content included with this training course and edit it for your workplace; or you can replace the content in this course with your own Violence Prevention assessment which explains the risks of violence in your workplace. You can include your prevention policy and procedures aimed at preventing incidents of violence in your workplace.

OHS regulations require that employers establish and maintain a violence prevention program that includes education and training for their employees.

If you are an existing customer for online WHMIS training or other safety training and have employees who need Incident Investigation training, this is a comprehensive safety orientation course and can be added to your account. Contact us to add this course to your account. If you do not have an account, contact us to request a Company Account setup.

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