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WHMIS-Train-Test the Online Way

In the past, people waited until they had a group of people to train and then tried to schedule the training on a date when everyone could attend. It meant, they had people working on the job without being trained and took a lot of time to schedule. We did it this way because of the cost to have a trainer could be spread across the group.

When you use to train and test the rate per person is much less than the cost of face to face training. Imagine training each new employee as they are hired. No waiting time and no scheduling conflicts. Employees love the flexibility to complete their training when they want to. And you will love the ease of clicking a few buttons in the online system. You will get notified each time someone completes the course which makes it easy for you to stay on top of it.

When each person completes the training on their own pace they can go as fast or slow as they want. When people are in group training they are forced to go at the speed of the slowest person in the group. Many group WHMIS training sessions are 3 to 4 hours and everyone takes the same time to complete the course. With online WHMIS from the average completion time is 1.5 to 2 hours.

You could be saving 1 to 2 hours per person with online WHMIS training. To get your company account setup follow the steps for a self-serve account setup.

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