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Get Your WHMIS Certificate Today!

WHMIS Certificate Training online could be the best decision you make today. Your employees need to be WHMIS Certified. One call or email and we can have your business set up, your employees added into the training system and your people WHMIS Certified within hours.

Why Train Online?

How Long Does it Take?

WHMIS training online typically takes 100 minutes to complete and a WHMIS certificate is issued instantly and emailed to you. This is up to 8 times faster and more efficient than classroom WHMIS training where the group moves at the pace of the slowest person, and can be difficult to co-ordinate with everyone's busy schedules.

How Much Does it Cost?

Getting WHMIS Certified online is the most affordable solution with rates as low as $19.99 per person for multiple employees in a company account or just $39.99 for an individual WHMIS training and WHMIS certificate course.

What is the Training?

The WHMIS training materials are based on the same WHMIS legislation that classroom WHMIS training materials are created from. The only difference is that they are delivered over the Internet instead of attending a classroom WHMIS training session and following a WHMIS facilitator's PowerPoint presentation.

This means that you will be receiving the exact same training as you would in a classroom, except you also get the added benefits of taking the training more quickly, whenever you want, and at a lower cost than attending a classroom session.

Access Your Certification Anytime

Another advantage of's online WHMIS certification is that your test records are stored within our system so you do not have to keep or file anything. You will also be able to quickly retrieve your records should you ever have to prove that you have completed the testing successfully.

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Need More than WHMIS Training?

WHMIS certification is one example of online safety training that is available through As a leader in WHMIS training and other safety training courses they work with employers like you to help their employees be safe and certified.

Did you know that in addition to WHMIS training you can even set up your own safety training material and create a custom course that is specific to your requirements and situation?

Some popular custom training examples include:

Ask yourself what kind of training you have to do, and then ask us if we can help your do that kind of training and testing online. Chances are you can be training and testing online for much of your training needs. Make your training budget go further by going online with, your online learning specialists.