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OHS Safety Policy and Program

Employers are required to have a written Safety Policy and Safety Program under provincial Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations. These regulations can apply to all Employers or may apply when an Employer has more than a specific number of regularly employed employees.

For example, in Ontario, Employers with more than 6 regularly employed employees must prepare a written Safety Policy and review it at least annually; and develop and maintain a Safety Program to implement that Safety Policy.

A Safety Policy is a statement from Management that communicates the commitment, support and attitude to the Safety Program they have established and implemented to protect worker safety.

A Safety Program is a procedure or set of procedures which is based on the hazards in the workplace and the specific requirements for the Employer's jurisdiction (province).

Q. I already have a Safety Policy and Program. Can I add this to my Employer Account so my employees can review it online?

A. Yes we can add your content to your employer account. Your employees can then review the policy and procedures and sign off that they understand the policy and agree to follow the procedures.

Q. I don't have a policy or program. Can you give me a policy to copy? Or how can I get a Policy and Program?

A. We can give you an example of a policy. You will need to write your own policy. We can give you information on the criteria you will been to meet based on the hazards in your workplace and province of operation.

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