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Fire Safety Prevention Training

Occupational Health and Safety regulations require Employers to educate workers on the risks of fire in the workplace. A Fire Safety training course and Fire Prevention program are an important step in meeting the requirement for all workplaces. Some employees may not know what it takes for a fire to start and what to do in the event of a fire in the workplace.

The Course includes three (3) modules:

  1. Classifications and Types of Fires
  2. Types of Fire Extinguishers and Use
  3. Emergency Evacuation and Procedures

Q. How Do I Add This Course to My Employer Account?
A. When you log-in to the Employer Admin for your account you will see an "Available Courses" list on the left side. Click on the name of the course to view details on the course and see the rates.  Click on the "+" icon to add the course to your Employer account and follow the steps on screen.

A. Can I include things like our fire drill procedures?
Yes, this course uses the new Flex Course Technology allowing you to include details on fire drills, use of fire extinguishers and emergency response procedures.

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