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Working Alone or in Isolation

Do you have people who are working alone?
Do you have a Policy to Protect Worker's when they do?
Do you have Procedures for Working Alone?

Employers need to know the conditions that must be present for people to be considered to be working alone. Conducting a risk assessment is a starting point for knowing whether your employees are at risk. And when they are in situations where they are working alone.

Each workplace is different, we have our own Working Alone Policy?

This is a new Flex-style policy training course. It includes standard or generic content on what  Working Alone is, and isn't. You can also include it to your own content that is specific to your workplace, you`re working alone policy, and the safe work procedures you have in place to ensure your employees health and safety.

Contact us to see how this can help you meet your OHS Working Alone training requirements.


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