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Select the courses you would like to offer:

  • Canadian WHMIS 2015 [$14.99 per access code]
  • New Worker Safety Orientation Training 2018 [$10.00 per access code]
  • Annual WHMIS Review and Refresher [$9.99 per access code]
  • Ergonomics and MSI Prevention [$10.00 per access code]
  • Slip Trip and Fall [$10.00 per access code]
  • Workplace Inspection [$10.00 per access code]
  • Ontario Health and Safety Awareness for Workers [$5.00 per access code]
  • Ontario Health and Safety Awareness for Supervisors [$5.00 per access code]
  • Workplace Fire Safety Awareness [$5.00 per access code]
  • Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) - Road [$24.99 per access code]
  • Supervisor and Manager Training [$10.00 per access code]

Other policies offered that can be added after your account is created:

  • OHS Safety Policy and Program [$5.00 per access code]
  • Working Alone Or in Isolation [$5.00 per access code]

Express Account Setup for WHMIS

Full Service Account Setup

You tell us your business name and address.

We add your account.

You tell us the names of the people you want to train.

We enter then into your account.

There is a $49 one-time employer account setup that we will invoice you for. You do not need a credit card. Just complete the Express Account Setup on this page and someone will contact you to get your employee list. Or you can email your employee list to and one of our trained professionals will look after all the setup. If you have any questions you can call or email and we will look after your setup personally.

Our #1 purpose is to ensure your people get the training they need when they need it. When you have multiple people you need to train a "Employer Account" is what you need.

With an Employer Account you get:

  • The corporate rate on each course
  • You can monitor each person’s progress
  • Add more trainees whenever you need to
  • Easy renewals for courses like WHMIS
  • Certificates issued instantly – free to reprint
  • Trainee records stored in your account
  • Full Service and Technical Support

We know you have choices for how you do your WHMIS training and testing and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to be of service and deliver on our promise to provide a great learning experience for all of your safety training needs.

Complete the Express Account Setup form and we will contact you right back to confirm your info and get you training that day. The account setup is $49 and is typically completed the same day. You are invoiced for the Access Codes for each employee at the end of the month they are created. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.