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New WHMIS 2015 Training Course, includes GHS revisions

Get the new WHMIS 2015 training course that includes the GHS WHMIS revisions. This WHMIS course is based on the 2015 regulations announced in Feb/2015. This is a complete course which includes WHMIS testing and a WHMIS certificate is issued .

WHMIS 2015 consists of 5modules. It is intended to provide a review of the WHMIS 2015 regulations. Module 5 includes information on the Consumer Chemical hazard classes and information employees need to aware of when products labelled under the Consumer labelling system are brought into the workplace.

When you need to provide WHMIS training for your employees we give you:

  • the current version of the WHMIS 2015 course
  • convenient online delivery for your Employees
  • online account management with full service and support

Choose from three account options:

Free Company Account - Ideal for Small Business, Corporate, Government and Education clients. The rate for each access code is $14.99 per person. You can use the simple self-serve account setup option to add your business name, select the courses you want enabled in your account, enter the names of your employees and select the course you want each person to take. In as little as a few minutes you can have your account setup, your employees can be accessing the training course, and complete their WHMIS 2015 testing. There is no credit card required - NO setup fee - AND you have instant access to your account and can add more trainees as you need to.

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Full Serve Company Account - We set up your Company Account. This is the same company account ideal for Small Business, Corporate, Government and Education Clients.The rate for each access code is $14.99 per person. There is a one-time $49 account setup and we do all the setup. We will get your business name and your list of employees from you. We do the account setup and send you your Admin logins to manage your account. We add your employees and can send you the list of their trainee logins or we can send their logins directly to each person. No credit card is required. Full Serve Company Accounts are usually setup the same business day. If you need training for your employees immediately and it is after hours on or a weekend you can use the Free Self-Serve option and have immediate access for you and your trainees.

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Personal WHMIS account - Ideal for Individuals, Job Seekers and Self Employed people who need WHMIS for themselves. When you register for any Individual course such as WHMIS 2015 you will have a Personal Account created. You can then register for any of the other courses that are available for individual registrations. Any of your access codes will allow you to access your account. Login and access your training courses, you can reprint your certificates whenever you need to. The Personal Account is free with your course registration and allows you to register from your account rather than creating a new account. You are also eligible for special offers and promotions available to Personal Account Clients.

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Course Duration 75 minutes running time. 90 minutes to complete.
Canadian Compliant Canadian compliant, valid in all Provinces
Instant Certificate Included Get certificate emailed instantly. Certificates are stored with Employee test records.
Certification Validity Renewal frequency is not set in regulations. Annual review of WHMIS program required.
Corporate and Personal Rates Employer rate $14.99
Personal rate $24.99
Start Right Away. Resume Anytime. Start right away, pause and resume where you left off.
Tests and retests included Test included, retest as many time as you need to.
Support Full service and support, phone, email or live chat.
Access Code Validity Access Code is valid for one year.