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Safe is a leader in online health and safety training and will soon have made a difference to over 200,000 people. Our Clients are Health and Safety Professionals, Business Owners, HR Professionals and Training Coordinators, Supervisors and Managers who are looking for a way to keep their people safe and meet their safety compliance requirements at the same time.

100% Compliance | Online Delivery | Proof of Delivery

The system is your way to get to 100% Compliance. Every year there are new regulations that apply to your organization or business. The ability to manage the amount of training, some of it specialized can be a burden for many organizations that don't have a full time training department.

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Online Delivery means giving you the abilty to to as much of what you have to online. For a requirement like WHMIS that may be providing the education portion with online WHMIS. For a requirement like your Company Safety Policy and Program that could be allowoing every employee to review your Policy and Program materials and sign off on their acceptance. Choose from generic training courses, customizable training courses or blended learning. Fall Protection training is an example of a requirement that can be met with a blended learning approach. can fulfill most if not all of your training and testing requirements with the essential ingredient - Proof of Delivery! Proof of Delivery means certificates are issued on the completion of training courses. Proof of Delivery means that training records include logs of trainee's access, test results and in some cases a sign off digital signature that the employee has completed training or a policy review and agreed to adhere to the requirements. is your Anytime, Anywhere solution. Imagine you want to schedule training for 3 new workers starting next week. There is no waiting for the next session with enough people to fill the session. The training system is always available for one person on one hundred. You can schedule the training from anywhere, anytime - and your trainees can complete it from anywhere, anytime.

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