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Ontario Accessibility Customer Service Training for AODA

When you have employees in Ontario you are now required to provide them with Customer Service training as a result of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).  These requirements are intended to create standards for accessibility and to enforce these standards for Ontario businesses and service providers.

Customer Service training is the first of several requirements for employers to provide to their employees beginning January 1st 2012, and applies to all employers with one or more employee.

You can now add this course to your Employer Admin Account and use the system for all your online training, testing and training record keeping.  It is important for the Accessibility Customer Service training that a record or certificate of completion is provided and retained as evidence or proof of delivery of the training.

The “Accessibility Customer Service training course” is a one module course that follows the 8 Units developed in the training criteria set out by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario to meet the training requirements for AODA Accessibility Customer Service training.  It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the training course including testing.  The Certificate of Completion is issued instantly and emailed to you as the course administrator and can be reprinted as necessary.

Q. Customer service is different in each business, can I customize this to our service policy?

A. This is a Flex Course which means you can make the materials specific to your business.  This is important for this training course because one of the requirements for all employers with 20 or more employees is to have a written Customer Service plan which meets several important criteria for documenting and sharing your Customer Service policies and procedures.  A template Customer Service Plan is included for you to edit or you can replace it with your organizations Accessibility Customer Service plan.  Your employees can enjoy the ability to learn at their own pace and anywhere online course access.  And as the Administrator you will enjoy how easy it is to send each employee their login and monitor and manage their training progress.  Their training, testing and certificate records are stored in the system for easy access.

We can add this course to your Employer Admin Account and have your people complete the training today. 

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Course Duration 30 minutes running time. 45 minutes to complete.
Canadian Compliant Canadian compliant. Required in Ontario.
Instant Certificate Included Get certificate emailed instantly. Certificates are stored with Employee test records.
Certification Validity No renewal frequency is set for this training.
Corporate and Personal Rates Volume rate $5.00
Personal rate Not Available
Start Right Away. Resume Anytime. Start right away, pause and resume where you left off
Tests and retests included Test included, retest as many time as you need to.
Support Full service and support, phone, email or live chat.
Access Code Validity Access Code is valid for one year.