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Ethics and Values for Business Training

Ethics can be thought of as moral principles of right and wrong used to guide a person or a group behaviour. It is clear that everyone does not share the same ethics. And people and society's ethics change over time.

A Business Value is a term that identifies a core element or reason for the long term success of the business. In our business "Responsiveness" is one of our core values. It is our belief that when we can be highly responsive to our Client's needs our business will be successful. When we can be highly responsive to our Employee's needs we will be successful.

This course includes one module to increase employee awareness of Ethics, a second module on the concept of Values and their importance to individual and team performance, and a third module to allow you to include your specific materials on the Ethics and Values for your organization.

This is a Flex course which gives you the option to edit the third module focused on the most important or core vales in your organization. This makes for a great orientation tool for new employees to ensure they receive a consistent message on the ethics and values expected of them in your workplace.
Course Duration 50 minutes running time. 1 hour to complete.
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