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GHS WHMIS 2015 (2017 Edition)

For Employers who want a WHMIS training course that is focused only on the WHMIS 2015 regulations which include the GHS revisions.

When the new version of WHMIS was adopted in Canada, many people were expecting WHMIS to be replaced with GHS. 

WHMIS 2015 is the name given to the new WHMIS by the Federal government when WHMIS was adopted.

2017 Edition lets you know that this training course was updated to the 2017 version of the online training system with the latest course enhancements to streamline the learning for an effective and efficient learning experience for your employees.

WHMIS Training Course Outline

This course consists of five (5) modules:

  1. Introduction to WHMIS
  2. WHMIS Classifications
  3. WHMIS Labels
  4. Safety Data Sheets
  5. Consumer Chemicals in the Workplace

Testing and Certifications

This is a certification course which includes an end of module tests. Completion of all five (5) modules tests is required to receive the certificate of completion. Certificates are provided as full sized and wallet sized and emailed as a PDF, as well they are stored in the system and can be resent or printed as needed.

Q and A

What's the difference between WHMIS 2015 (2016 Edition) and GHS WHMIS 2015 (2017 Edition)?

The 2016 Edition is based on the current WHMIS 2015 regulations and was developed for the transition period. When employers may have a need to train employees to be able to work with products that are labelled to both the new WHMIS 2015 and old WHMIS 1988 regulations. This takes into consideration that some workplaces would have a mix of products labelled with WHMIS 1988 labels and have an MSDS, and some products with WHMIS 2015 labels have an SDS. 

The 2017 Edition is based on current WHMIS 2015 regulations and was developed for workplaces where there are only products with WHMIS 2015 labels. The course outline includes a module on reading the 16 sections of an SDS.

If you have any questions about which version of WHMIS is best for you contact our Service and Support team.

Course Duration 60 minutes running time. 1.25 hours to complete.
Canadian Compliant Canadian compliant, valid in all Provinces
Instant Certificate Included Get certificate emailed instantly. Certificates are stored with Employee test records.
Certification Validity Renewal frequency is not set in regulations. Annual review of WHMIS program required.
Corporate and Personal Rates Employer rate $14.99
Start Right Away. Resume Anytime. Start right away, pause and resume where you left off.
Tests and retests included Test included, retest as many time as you need to.
Support Full service and support, phone, email or live chat.
Access Code Validity Access Code is valid for one year.