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Create My Own Course

Yes, you can create your own training course and have your online course available for your employees.

This is an ideal way to meet health and safety training requirements that are not available as a generic training course, or when you are looking for something that is more specific to your workplace.

If you have employees who use a ladder on the job and they need to be trained on the basics of "ladder safety". A generic ladder safety training course may be sufficient for a situation where the ladders are used rarely and the risk level is low based the work environment.

If ladder usage is a big part of the employee's job you may want to put together your own "Safe Ladder Usage Training Course" that uses the specific equipment, work situations and hazards your employees need to be trained to handle. This can include text, pdf, ppt, images, and video examples of safe work procedures.

This is also an ideal way to use the cost savings and convenience of online training courses to provide non-health and safety training. This can be anything from Customer Service Training to Code of Conduct Training.

The Code of Conduct training is a good example of a type of training that you would not find as a generic training course you can sign up for and use as is. It needs to be specific to your company and your company policies and procedures.

We have a number of Clients who we have created a custom course with and are using it to train their employees. Talk to us about this option. It is like a "do it yourself" approach, except we are there working with you to convert the content and materials you have into an online course.

Contact one of our Service and Support Team and as about the Create My Own Course option.

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Course Duration Time can be as short as a few minutes to up to 40 hour training programs
Canadian Compliant Content is specific to your workplace, you control the content
Instant Certificate Included Add a custom certificate as an option. Certificates are stored with Employee training records.
Certification Validity

Renewal frequency can be specified or done as one time training..

Corporate and Personal Rates Employer rate - varies withthe length of the course.
Start Right Away. Resume Anytime. Start right away, pause and resume where you left off.
Tests and retests included Test and retest options are available.
Support Full service and support, phone, email or live chat.
Access Code Validity Access Code is valid for one year.