Course Development

You may have many courses that your employees need to be trained on. The typical inventory of required training is as few as a couple of Health & Safety courses to over 10 for more complex or highly regulated job positions. You can have all of your training records managed with the convenience of the Admin module by converting your existing training courses from a traditional workshop or classroom delivered course to an online delivered course.

We work with you to convert your materials and testing procedure to a digital format and configure your course in the system. We can also create course materials and test question from scratch with the assistance of our Educators and network of Health & Safety Consultants.

Companies often convert training courses and deliver online for the convenience of scheduling and the efficient and low cost of delivering the training. They are also able to have complete training profile on each of their employees available within a few clicks.

Professional Trainers and Consultants often convert their training courses to an online delivered training course to increase the volume of training they can offer. They typically benefit from selling more training to more people by expanding their geographic range and by reducing the constraint on how many people they can train at one time. In most cases they are able to reduce the cost of the training as well as making more money from their training. Their customers benefit from lowering their cost to get trained.

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Existing Custom Courses: