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Get WHMIS training for Seasonal Workers

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, at you can train them all!
When you have a busy season or only operate during some seasons you have the added pressure of getting all your new hires up to speed as quickly and as affordably as possible. You can’t afford to have down time in season.

Your Company Account with is the solution to the problem. You can login anytime and create an Access Code for an employee, send the notification to the employee, and get notified when they complete the training with a copy of their certificate of completion emailed to you as a PDF. If you ever need a copy of the WHMIS certificate you have the PDF you are emailed or can get another copy from your Company Admin Account.

Your seasonal employees will like the convenience of being able to complete the training on their own pace which is usually a lot faster than going at the pace of the group in a WHMIS workshop. It saves then and you time and still gets the required training done. Adding more people is as easy as typing in their name and clicking a button to send them their login to the online WHMIS Course.

And at just $19.99 per person for WHMIS, it is an affordable solution for WHMIS training seasonal workers.

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