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What is a WHMIS Retest

A WHMIS Test is what many employers will do to make sure their employees are educated on the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) pronounced wim-isss. In Canada, WHMIS is a program that applies to controlled products, which are classified as controlled products based on one or more hazards these products present.

In addition to educating workers when they first start on the job, the Employer is responsible for completing an annual WHMIS review in which they review the controlled products in the workplace, ensure that SDS are up to date and that workers are aware of any changes in the controlled products and hazards as a result.

The Employer must also ensure that their workers are knowledgeable on WHMIS, as part of the WHMIS review each year. So the question is, how do you tell if someone is knowledgeable? A common method is to test them. This approach is taken with many forms of training and certifications.

In addition to helping to meet WHMIS requirements there are several benefits of repeated training and testing:

Is There a Difference Between a WHMIS Test and a WHMIS Retest

In many cases there is no difference between an initial test for WHMIS and a retest. Some systems have a pool of questions and randomly select the test questions which means over time people are not seeing the same set of testing questions each year. In other cases employers opt to have abbreviated tests for the retest under the assumption people have already been tested and they look only to what is new in their specific situation.  This is more of a customized retest which can be set up as a custom course/test.

How Much Does a WHMIS Retest Cost?

Training and Testing for individuals is $39.99 through, and the rate is the same for a retest as it is for the initial training and testing. You have access to all of the materials should you need to review or refer to as part of the retesting. Our rate is $39.99 and includes the certificate of completion in full size and wallet size.

Are you Ready to take Your WHMIS Test Now? offers online WHMIS training and testing or retesting. You can complete your retest and receive your WHMIS certificate right from this web site. When you register you receive instant access so that you are able to login to our secure website and view the training materials for the course.

If you are an individual you can sign up and begin taking your WHMIS Retest Now!

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Getting people in your workplace WHMIS tested and WHMIS retested is also easy to do and you’ll be able to quickly see who has completed their training and who still has yet to receive their certification. There is a “Renewals” option that lets you know when people are up for a retest on their WHMIS.

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