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Why an employee would need a WHMIS Certificate in Canada?

Hazards in the Workplace

One of the most basic rights a worker in Canada has, is the right to work in a safe place, including the right to be aware of the hazards that exist in their workplace. Most workplaces have a variety of hazards. Someone working in a bank may have a risk of violence which is considered a hazard of being on that job.

There are a whole set of hazards for people working with controlled products, often thought of as chemicals but are not limited to chemicals. For example, someone working at a gas station is in a workplace where there may be many flammable and combustible products which represent a hazard to anyone in that workplace

Employers must educate workers on the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). Understanding the classifications of hazardous materials is essential to being able to read a WHMIS label, and make informed decisions on the safe use of hazardous materials. Employers also need to provide “how to use” training for the materials employees use and are exposed to. Hands-on training is more effective when employees have already been educated on the basics of WHMIS in Canada. The need for WHMIS training as part of compliance with Canadian Health and Safety legislation.

Canadian WHMIS

WHMIS is a system that is in place in other countries including the United States. Currently the classifications, symbols and labelling requirements may not be consistent from country to country. This makes it very important for employers in Canada to select a Canadian WHMIS course based on the WHMIS in Canada. Or for an individual looking to work in Canada, to choose a provider of a Canadian WHMIS certification program. There is a move to create one global system for the communication and labelling of controlled products which is expected to happen over time.

Proof of Learning and Understanding

When you have training that is required for compliance the question that must be answered is, “how can you prove to me that you took the training, or completed the course?” This question may be asked by a health and safety inspector as part of a safety inspection. It could also be asked by a supervisor or manager on a job site where contract workers are part of a work group on that site. One way that a person can increase their confidence that someone has completed training is to see a certificate of completion for that course from a recognized provider. In this case a WHMIS certificate or sometimes called a WHMIS card for a wallet sized WHMIS certificate, is stating that the person named has completed a testing process which was part of the training course, and would include the test date and test score if applicable. The name and contact or web site for the issuer of the WHMIS certificate will help the person to gauge the validity of the course or to contact the issued for more information.

Getting a WHMIS Certificate in Canada

WHMIS training is readily available in Canada. The accessibility had greatly increased with the number of online WHMIS training certificate providers. When WHMIS was first introduced the training was dominated by workshop and classroom style training delivery. With the increased affordability and anywhere – anytime access you can get a WHMIS certificate from anywhere in the world.

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