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Personal WHMIS testing – 100% Pass Rates

The pass rate for the WHMIS course is 100%. This is very important for you to know. When you have a WHMIS test pass rate that is less than 100%, you are letting someone who did not know the correct answer to a question move on with a pass.

When you have a 100% pass rate the employee has to get all of the questions correct. If they do not, they can do a retest, and are given only the questions they did not get correct. And they can do as many WHMIS retests as they need to. There is no extra charge for the WHMIS retest.

Does that mean everyone passes? Yes! And there are two (2) big benefits to this.

The first benefit of the 100% pass rate is that your employees can be more confident in the workplace knowing they were able to answer all of the test questions they were given.

The second benefit of the 100% pass rate is that it simplifies the testing process. There is no need to purchase a WHMIS retest. And it is less intimidating than having to start over again with a new set of questions.

The testing is all online and the results are immediate which helps to allow employees to move through at their own page, any time of the day or night. And Certificates are emailed instantly, as a PDF file which is easy to open, store (if you ever need to reprint), and comes in a colour full size WHMIS certificate and a wallet size WHMIS card format.

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