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How Does WHMIS Online Compare?

We have choices for everything we do. When WHMIS first became law in Canada most of the training was done in classrooms. This was 1988 and most training was done face to face. By 2008, when was created online training was starting to gain ground because of the high cost of travel and the concept of allowing trainees the convenience to learn anywhere – anytime.

Today, there are still companies that train their staff in group training. It is effective and some people prefer the social aspect of it. They can also customize the training and get more into the actual training and how to aspect compare to more of an educational or awareness level you see in most online training. The downside to group training is the cost which is typically much higher and the difficulty in scheduling the training on a day that works for a large enough number of people. And then what do you do with the new hires who typically wait for the next group training and are technically on the job without training.

There are also a number of online WHMIS training providers in Canada. Most offer training to individuals or to groups and have a generic WHMIS course that meets the educational requirements for employees to be knowledgeable on WHMIS. Employers would still need to show employees hands on how to work with and use specific hazardous products and if there is any personal protective equipment or safe work procedures, provide training on this in addition to the awareness level training.

So how does compare to other WHMIS choices?

As you can see we have over 180,000 people trained and a great reputation with the people who use our online training courses. We do get larger companies that switch from an internal classroom training delivery to our online training delivery. The two most common reasons they mention are the lower cost and the increasing difficulty to schedule even a small meeting let alone training for 10 to 20 people at a time. Courses like WHMIS can be just as effective with an online delivery as a face to face delivery. Some employees will prefer one and some will prefer the other.

There are a handful of the larger more established online WHMIS training providers. With a course like WHMIS where the content is standard everyone should have similar learning content. The hazard pictograms in the new WHMIS 2015 are part of the regulations so anyone creating a WHMIS course would be expected to have the same set of hazard pictograms in their online WHMIS course.

The difference from one online course to the next comes down to the understanding of the customer and what form of learning style, presentation method and format to put together the learning experience. When you have trained over 140,000 people and talked with so many training specialists, you get to understand what makes a good course from a trainee's perspective and what makes a good course from an administrator's perspective.

Since we started in 2008, we have pioneered many innovations. When we started other online training providers created generic logins or PINs to allow people to pre-purchase a block of login IDs in order to get volume discounts. We offered an invoicing system that let Clients be invoiced for access codes as they created them which was beneficial to smaller business that did not have a lot of people to train each year.

In 2010, we introduced a flat rate $8 per person WHMIS rate for company account Clients. This was a further break for smaller and mid-sized business, not for profits and organizations training, volunteers. We have an efficient Administration account that lets clients create their own access codes and manage their own accounts. These rates have increased in 2015 with the introduction of WHMIS 2015 with the GHS revisions. There is significant development to build the new course and costs of changing over the systems to handle the new WHMIS course.

What can you expect going forward?

We are an innovative company and every day come up with ideas to make the trainee learning experience more positive, enjoyable and most of all cost-effective. The Admin account that our Clients use is quite polished and one of the things that most companies say is the best part of using It is so easy to add new people, create access codes, send out bulk notifications, manage renewals and much more. It truly is a system that grows with them as their needs changes, the system changes to meet their needs.

When you want to talk about how you are doing your WHMIS training or other safety training connect with us, we want to hear from you.

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