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WHMIS Certificate - Proof of Delivery

WHMIS proof of delivery is something employers have been responsible for providing as a way to demonstrate that their employees are knowledgeable on WHMIS. Typically, this would be something required by a provincial health and safety inspector during an inspection. Suppliers and customers are also starting to demand that companies that do work with or for them are in compliance with health and safety legislation. Clients have asked for a report to provide a detailed listing of their employees and WHMIS training status as a proof of delivery of WHMIS. One of the commonly accepted ways of providing proof of delivery is a "WHMIS Certificate" or certificate of completion for other types of safety training. The certificate is issued by the company or training provider indicating the course, "WHMIS 2015", the date of completion, WHMIS test results and test score if applicable. has built in WHMIS Compliance Reports that show you your list of employees and the status of each person. This makes it easy for you to scan and ensure that you are at 100% compliance when it comes to your WHMIS training. That means every employee received an access code for the course, logged in and reviewed the WHMIS course materials and passed the tests. Want to talk about how you are managing your training - connect with us we're here to help.

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