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Your WHMIS Employer Account Puts You In Control

You are in control of your WHMIS program with your Employer Admin login. Manage your WHMIS training and WHMIS test records from anywhere - anytime. The system is all online, all the time. Meaning you can login and add a new employee in seconds. Create a WHMIS Access Code and in one click send that employee an email notification with their access code. The Employer Admin account makes is what makes being in 100% compliance with your WHMIS training not only possible but actually easy to achieve.

You can also stay on top of your WHMIS renewal process. One click shows you who would need to renew their WHMIS. You can preview the list and if you want everyone on the list to take their WHMIS again this year, a couple of clicks and everyone will get an email notification and can begin taking the course and completing the WHMIS test.

You may have periodic safety inspections or be inspected by a provincial health and safety inspector. All of your training and test records are accessible in the system for you to show your training activities. 

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