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WHMIS for Schools – Staff and Students

Chances are you know that Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System or WHMIS, is an essential program in helping people to be aware of the hazards that result from having controlled products in the workplace.

In a school there could be many controlled products ranging from cleaning products used by the maintenance staff to compressed gases such as oxygen or acetylene found in a shops room or chemistry lab. As your students enter the workforce, participate in a work experience program, or as a graduating student, the need to know about WHMIS. It is not just a requirement; it is a life skill they will be better off for knowing.

3 Most Common People Trained in a School WHMIS Program

  1. Staff - employers are responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of hazards in the workplace under health and safety legislation. It is difficult to find a workplace where there are NO controlled products. One of the main reasons is that most fire extinguishers are a compressed gas, making them a controlled product and a requirement in all workplaces the case can be made that every employer needs to train their staff on WHMIS.
  2. Work Experience Students – as students get older there may be an opportunity for them to participate in work experience, or a job shadowing program. When they enter the workplace they also need to be aware of the hazards that exist. Understanding WHMIS allows them to be familiar with the symbols for controlled products, to understand how to read a WHMIS label and a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to better know things like the hazards, first aid treatment, and requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if any.
  3. Graduating Students – for some schools, WHMIS training is provided for the graduating students to better prepare them.

What you are looking for is a comprehensive training program which covers a bit of the background on WHMIS which helps to understand why it is an essential part of keeping all people safe in a workplace which has controlled products. This includes learning about the classifications, symbols and how to read WHMIS labels. How do you show that someone is knowledgeable? You test them. So the important second step. And the last part of the program is the records management to be able to see a staff or student’s training records, should someone every need to verify that this person completed the WHMIS training and testing.

Benefits of an online WHMIS program for your School

In the past much of the WHMIS training was done in workshops and face to face training or safety orientations. Online learning has been fueled by the combination of new technology and the pressure to lower costs within most schools.

The main benefits are the lower costs through a variety of time and material savings, and the increased accessibility and flexibility for the trainings to access a system for “on demand training” without the cost of having a trainer standing by as each person is ready to do their training.

Here are the most common benefits of a School doing WHMIS online:


Questions about WHMIS online?

Can our staff and students complete online WHMIS training on their own or do they have to take the training all at once?

Each person is given a link to the login page online and their unique username and password to access the training. They can start and stop the training is they do not want to do it all at one time.

We have a school district or school division; can we have multiple schools in one account?

There are options for a school district or school division to have each school location separate which some prefer for billing and admin, or they can be grouped together under one account. We can answer any questions you have. We provide WHMIS training and testing to schools and school divisions and school district boards as well as continuing education organizations across Canada so chances are we have done what you want to do for someone else already.

Is the WHMIS testing necessary?

WHMIS testing is a commonly accepted way of demonstrating that knowledge transfer has been successful. Without testing the question becomes, how can you show me or prove to me that your "people are knowledgeable on WHMIS", which is the employer's responsibility.

Can we keep track of students and staff separately?

Yes. The system allows you to create groupings. Some schools great groups for teachers, non-teaching staff, bus drivers, and also groups for each class or group of students. This is part of your account setup with we go through the options for you.

Is an online WHMIS certificate as good as a certificate issued from a WHMIS Workshop?

A WHMIS certificate can be issued by the trainer after the completion of the training. The trainer or training organization can set the standards for the testing, issuance of a certificate, and the conditions for retesting. These standards need to meet the minimum acceptable standards under provincial Workplace Health and Safety. The certificate is usually connected to the training and testing and includes a training date and test score. Any differences as to validity will be related to the training course and its completeness, and to the testing integrity and testing rigor; and not as much as to whether the training was completed online or offline.

How does the cost of doing WHMIS online compare to an offline or classroom WHMIS method?

Offline training and testing rates average $50 to $100 per hour making a complete WHMIS training and testing $100 to $200 per person. We definately beat these prices, call us for more informations and we can discuss affordable rates.

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