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WHMIS 2015 Training Service, includes GHS revisions

If you are like most people looking for WHMIS training for employees, you are an expert at something other than WHMIS. We have Clients in Health Care and Education who are Doctors and Nurses. This is their area of expertise. They come to us because they need someone who understands what WHMIS is and has a process for educating and training their employees.

The WHMIS Training Service is a complete solution that starts with an easy to follow account setup process with a self-serve setup option that lets you create your account on your own, as a free self-serve option. Or we can setup your account for you for a one-time rate of $49 and set your employees for training.

Each person you want to take the WHMIS 2015 course is added as a Trainee and an Access Code for the course is created and sent to them or to you and you can give it to them. This access code lets them login and view the training materials and complete the online WHMIS testing. It also lets you monitor their progress through the course. The Training System can send an email notification as each trainee completes the testing, automatically keeping you up to date.

You get a Employer Admin login which puts you in control with the ability to view each trainee’s progress, add new hires as a trainee, create access codes, and view the certificates of completion. As your safety training needs change, new courses can be added and you can even create custom courses to manage more of your training online.

See why other experts like yourself use the WHMIS 2015 training service to let them focus on what they do best and take advantage of what we do best!

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