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We Are Good at Keeping Promises

We set a goal of making a difference for a million people with an online learning experience. This was back when was just getting started. We thought, how cool would it be to say we helped million people? The promise we made to ourselves was to find a way. We started with one course, WHMIS. And one client with several hundred employees, who is still a client today. We had very similar values and that is what made it work so well. This has been and still is out recipe for success. We are closing in on 180,000 people!

Commitment + Responsiveness + Leadership

These are the values our first client saw in us. And they are the values we look for in each of the people we invite to join the Service and Support team. When we started our first client had 100% of our attention and they loved it. Much has changed since then. What has stayed true, is that when a Client needs us, we are there for them. They can feel that they have 100% of our attention.

Commitment for us is really about a willingness to say what we will, do and the persistence to see it through to completion. It's about taking ownership for our role in the outcome. We may not be able to make one of your employees take a WHMIS course. What we can do is make taking that WHMIS course a positive learning experience that people are willing to participate in.

Responsiveness is like a magic ingredient in a service business. We give Clients direct phone numbers to reach us at. We answer our phones on the 3rd ring, or sooner. We reply to email as we receive them. We ensure our technology responds when your employees login to a course, and when you login as an Administrator.

Leadership as a value is about the ability to see something better than what we have. It is about the willingness to take the risk of letting go of what we have and make the journey to get to where we want to be. Our Clients come to us when they are not in compliance and want to be. Or they want something better than what they are doing now.

"We Just Want to Comply"

This is a phrase we hear over and over from our clients. And it gives us the strength and motivation to do what we do. It is not easy for small and midsized businesses to comply with the regulations they are expected to comply with.

This has led to what we offer our Clients and what we work every day to deliver.

100% Compliance is a goal of our Clients and it takes a lot to make that happen. It takes people working together to get the people, procedures and systems in place to do this. As compliance requirements changes we are working to keep courses up to date and add new courses.

Online Delivery is what Clients want. Online training has a low cost of delivery. Employees love the convenience of fitting training into their schedule, anytime and anywhere. We provide the systems to make that happen.

Proof of Delivery is what the Training Managers, HR Professionals, Health and Safety Managers and Business Owners want, in fact have to have. The ability to document training records and provide certificates when necessary is all part of Compliance.

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