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WHMIS 2015 for Employers, It All Starts Here

WHMIS 2015 is the course over 90% of Employers start with

When a new Client creates their Employer Account over 90% add WHMIS 2015 as their first training course. You can find Chemical Hazards in almost every business across Canada. Even office workplaces typically have cleaning supplies, toners and fire extinquishers which are classified as hazardous products under WHMIS.

And becuase it is so common for employees to work off site, on client sites and aupplier sites, these employees must be aware of the hazarous products classifications and how to read product labels.

"The amount of health and safety regulation and enforcement is steadily increasing."

In 2008 we introduced the Employer Account as a way to allow employers to meet these increasing requirements for health and safety compliance. The main benefit at that time was a simple way to schedule WHMIS training. This helped HR professionals and Managers to schedule their training. It was very efficient.

Employees loved the flexibility of the online delivery way of training. They could start and stop the training and take it at a time that fit their schedule and learning preferences. It is a win win situation. The training managers get a really efficient way to manage the trainingand and the lower online delivery cost actually lets them train more for the same or less training dollars.

The Employer Account is truly a Win Win for Employers and Employees

The trainees were now able to do more training in less time, which with the increased amount of regulations was something they needed to do. In a classroom training the group moves at the pace of the SLOWEST person, IN an online training course, employees are free to go at their own pace. It is typical to see an online course take about 50% of the time it would take to complete the same materiials with a classroom or workshop style training delivery.

The only decision now is Who you want to setup your Employer account?

(a) The Free - I'll Set It Up Myself Option

(b) For $49 We'll Set Up Your Account For You

Both accounts have the complete course list, full service and support. If you have a few people to add and want it NOW, choose the Free Set It Up Myself option. If you have a lot of people and would prefer we do the setup, choose the We Set It Up For You option.

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