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Harassment Training

There are many jurisdictions where employers are required to provide education and training to their workers on what is defined as “Harassment”, how to prevent harassing behaviour in the workplace, what to do it they are the target of harassing behaviour, and what to expect for people accused of harassing other people.

Some companies prefer to use a more positive version and refer to this type of training as “Respectful Workplace training.  The process starts with a commitment from the organization leadership that their employees have rights to work in an environment free from harassing behaviour.  This is part of our basic human rights.  And it is also just good business to provide a work environment where each person can be at their best.

What is included in a Harassment Prevention or Respectful Workplace Policy?

What do you need to include when creating a Policy to prevent harassment in the workplace?  It starts with a consultation with the representatives of the health and safety committee representative at the workplace, or where there is no health and safety committee, must consult with the employees.

The outcome of this consultation is a statement or set of statements on behalf of the organization.  The statement typically includes the organization’s position that it does not tolerate harassment, that it has a process for initiating complaints, resolving complaints, and the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.  This policy must be communicated with all employees and in some cases includes posting a copy of the policy where all employees have access to it.

From Policy to Procedure, what is included in Harassment Prevention Training

What can you expect when you train employees online with online training options?

How does providing Harassment Training Help?

One of the keys to providing a respectful workplace free of harassment is educating people. It may be as simple as defining what harassment is and getting people to realize the range of behaviour that can be harassing which they had not considered before.

Providing training also helps to raise the profile of the policy and get people united in a common purpose.  Without a policy or when the policy is not well communicated it is easier for people to feel isolated and they may be less likely to report incidents when there is no clear process or person they can trust to report the incident to.

What are some harassment prevention training options for Employers?

Here are three options to consider for your Harassment Training:

Investing in providing this training for your workplace is not only a legal requirement for most organizations and businesses, it is good business – a safe and respectful workplace is a productive and profitable workplace that your employees and customers can thrive in.

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