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Hazard Recognition Training

If there were no hazards in a workplace, would there be any injuries or illness? One of the keys to a healthy and safe workplace is providing education and awareness on "Hazard Recognition or Hazard Awareness". When an employee understands each of the types of hazard it makes it easier to spot a hazard in the workplace. The cause of many incidents in the workplace can be traced back to a lack of awareness of the hazard.

Definition of a Hazard

Health and safety hazards are not always obvious. Hazard recognition is the perception or awareness of a dangerous object, event, behaviour, or condition.

The process of hazard recognition involves identifying potential hazards in the workplace, identifying the potential for adverse effects which may result if these hazards remain uncorrected, and determining the likelihood of people being harmed or affected by exposure to these hazards.

It is also important to understand the difference between a "Health Hazard and a Safety Hazard".

The following are 5 categories of hazards in the workplace:

How does providing Hazard Recognition Training Help?

Reduction and removal of hazards in the workplace is based on a strong education of workers and sustained implementation of safety policies and practices. It gives workers increased confidence in the workplace and helps to guide decisions that are based on sounds health and safety knowledge.

What to do when you recognize a hazard in the workplace?

Here are steps to take when a hazard is recognized in the workplace:

Investing in providing this training for your workplace is not only a legal requirement for most organizations and businesses, it is an investment in good business – a healthy and safe workforce is a productive and profitable workforce.

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