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Our Promise - Compliance

We are People Who Know how to setup and deliver effective training and testing – online. And for our Clients providing education and training is part of their need to comply with the rules in their business. These could be external rules like Health and Safety which apply to most businesses. And there are also internal rules like company policies and procedures which employer need to ensure compliance with.

Q. What if I don't know what I need to do to comply wth health and safety regulations?

A. We work with clients in all kinds of business across Canada and even companies outside of Canada with workers in Canada. In many cases we will know the regulations that apply to your type of business in the locations where you operate. And when we don't we know who to talk to in each jurisdiction to get the answers you need.

Q. Can we manage things like our Code of Conduct training or Confidentiality and Privacy policy which are not really part of Health and Safety?

A. Yes. Every company has rules of their own for things like Professional Conduct, Vacation policies, and the types of training that is more related to Human Resources policies or Legal compliance requirements, all in the same system with your health and safety training.

Our Promise to our Customers is to provide the expertise, service and technology to reach your compliance goals. We have successfully done this for over 180,000 Trainees and thousands of businesses and organizations. Our goal is to reach a million people with our training systems. Can you imagine the difference we will have made when we have delivered a million learning experiences?

Let us know what your interest is and we would love to help you share what you know with the people who need to know.