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Our People

Our people are what makes this such a great organization. When we started this business we thought that our technology is what made us unique. This was back when online training and testing was not that common. We had a huge advantage over face to face training. We were more convenient for people to access the training the need and we were more efficient so people did not have to travel and be away from work for as long to get the training then need.

We quickly realized as we grew and talked with Clients that while the technology was great and they appreciated what it did for them, it was the personal service that they valued the most. They like that we have a direct phone number and they can talk to a real person when they need something right away They like that we respond to email within minutes and answer their servicec and support questions.

This has led to our culture as a team of people who are great communicators, who share a passion for learning, and understand the value of being of service to others. We share a curiousity to truly understand and learn from every situation.

I look forward to each day. There is such a positive energy from the work we do with our Clients and the interactions are so rewarding I miss it when i am out of the office.  

Thank you to everyone along the way who has contributed to our success and helped us get to where we are. It's a great place to be!

Allan Dubyts, CEO Inc.