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Our Story was started in early 2006 and went live at the end of 2006. It began as a full scale online training delivery system capable of delivering multiple courses to multiple clients. It included the flexibility to mix proprietary courses with custom courses. It was designed to be easily configured to meet a range of training and testing situations.

The reason? We believed that a lot of training was not being done because there was a perception (real or otherwise) that training costs were too high. There was also a perception that a lot of training was ineffective. The solution to that was to find a more efficient way to deliver training and to use follow-up testing to measure the amount of knowledge acquired.

We had a lot of expertise creating large scale databases and working with Educators and Training Design Professionals. The result was a training engine that has undergone three major version upgrades and thousands of smaller enhancements.

It is the equivalent of putting a high powered training machine in every Training Coordinator's hands for a small fraction of the cost. In fact there is little, or no capital cost. Our Mission is to make this tool available to all companies to give their employees the knowledge that they need to excel in their jobs. After all, a highly knowledgeable employee may be the only competitive advantage that the competition can't copy.