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Who Needs a WHMIS Test, and Where to Take It

A WHMIS Test is what many employers will do to make sure their employees are educated on the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) pronounced wim-isss. In Canada, WHMIS is a program or communication standard that applies to controlled products in Canadian workplaces.

Some examples of the controlled products you will learn about are:

Where to Take Your WHMIS Test

There are two options that you can use to take your WHMIS certification. You can receive your training in a traditional classroom setting, or if you would like to save money and get started right away it's possible to receive your training and certification online.

If you would like you attend a classroom WHMIS training session you can contact a local government office of provincial health and safety to check on availability or contact a Safety and Health consultant who offers WHMIS workshops that include a WHMIS test and certificate of completion.

Training online is what we specialize in, but you may still have some questions about how the process works, and how you can receive your certification.

How Does an Online WHMIS Test Work?

Each of the 8 modules in the WHMIS training course has a 5 question test where you will select the correct answer from a set of multiple choice answers. It’s as simple as that!

If any answers are incorrect you can do a retest, and once you have answered all of the questions correct you can then move on to the next module. These WHMIS retests are free, included as part of the training course and you can have as many attempts as needed to complete the course.

The types of questions you can expect on the test are:

How Much Does WHMIS Certification Cost?

Training for individuals costs $29.99, and upon completion of your training and test you will receive a certificate of your completion of the WHMIS course, complete with your name and signature so that you can show it to your employer. Rates online range from $29 to $75 per individual. Our rate is $29.99 and includes the certificate of completion in full size and wallet size.

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Training for companies and groups has a special rate and costs just $19.99 or $14.99 per person taking the course. We also offer a simple way to track who has completed their training and testing and keeps a record of their certification on file. This makes training your workforce a snap because employees can learn on their own time and you can make sure that everyone that needs to be certified has taken and passed the course.

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How WHMIS Helps Create a Safer Workplace

Being educated on WHMIS is an important part of all workers' safety and employers are required to educate workers on what WHMIS is, including the ability to read and understand the labels on controlled products. WHMIS Testing is one of the main ways a business has to help educate their workers and to provide a training and testing history for their employees.

There are also situations where a worker is working on contract or short term from jobsite to jobsite, or their employer instructs them to complete a WHMIS training course and may be required to complete a test as part of getting a Certificate of Completion for the WHMIS course. The Certificate is typically referencing the successful completion of the test, which is provided as evidence that the person understood and was able to recall the correct answers for the test.

Educating or training without testing is kind of like playing a sport but not keeping score. When the objective is safety in the workplace it is important to be able to show some evidence of the effort that is made to educate workers, as well as some evidence that each person has understood and is knowledgeable on the subject matter.

What Does WHMIS Look Like in the Workplace?

WHMIS uses a set of WHMIS Symbols to indicate different classifications of controlled products on a label. Compressed Gas for example has a symbol of a long cylinder of gas, what you may have seen in a hospital used for Oxygen in a patient room. Each of these WHMIS symbols has specific hazards which help a worker to know what hazards exist for each product based on the symbols.

Are you Ready to take Your WHMIS Test Now? offers online WHMIS training and testing which allows you to complete your test and receive your WHMIS certificate right from this web site. Upon signup you will receive instant access so that you are able to login to our secure website and view the training materials for the course.

If you are an individual you can sign up and begin taking your WHMIS Training Now!

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Getting your workplace WHMIS Certified is also easy to do and you’ll be able to quickly see who has completed their training and who still has yet to receive their certification.

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