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Canadian Safety News Releases

June 2018

Ethics, Values and Code of Conduct Training

Your Reputation is one of your most important assets and can quickly become a liability. Employees are placed in difficult situations and need to be aware of the importance of making ethical decisions, acting according to established values, and following your Code of Conduct policy and procedures. Some situations are difficult and people need the moral strength to choose wisely.

This new course is in development with availability planned for late June. It includes modules on Eithics, Values, and you will be able to add your own module(s) to included your Code of Conduct Policy and procedues for acceptable and unacceptable practices.

May 2018

WHMIS Transition Ends Soon

When WHMIS was revised in 2015 there was a 3 year transition period to allow the industry and employers time to prepare and adapt to the new regulations. The deadline for compliance with the new regulations is November 30 2018. This gives you several months over the summer and fall to ensure all of your hazardous products are labelled according to WHMIS 2015 regulations AND to make sure your employees have been trained on WHMIS 2015. 

April 2018

New Worker Safety Orientation Training

New workers and young workers with less experience have a much higher rate of being involved in a safety incident and lost time as a result. A new and improved version of "New Worker Safety Orientation" is now available when you want to provide orientation training for your Employees. This is a Flex style course which allows you to revise content and to include your own content for your workplace specific safety orientation policy or procedures.

March 2018

Looking for the Best Harassment Prevention Training

Many businesses are only looking for a way to meet the minimum requirements for Harassment Prevention. And there is nothing wrong with that. We provide a generic set of materials that explain what Harassment is and what an organization can do to help prevent incidents of workplace harassment.

When you want more than that is may be time for a Do It Yourself project. Some training is really technical and doing it yourself may not be the best approach. When it comes to knowing what your people need to get along better and treat each other with respect many organizations have exactly what it takes to do this on their own.

What can make the difference is the personal touch. Using the voice and images of your own people. Or creating your own video clips of people in your organization delivering the messages about what your policy is, how it works, and what happens when there is an incident of harassment. 

We help clients to create a storyboard or outline of what they want to do and give them ideas of how they can do this on their own or with the help of professionals. And this can be done for any type of policy, procedure or training.

February 2018

Is your Code of Conduct Policy Ready for 2018

A Code of Conduct Policy is intended to serve as a guide for employees to know what is expected, what is required and what will not be tolerated. The challenge facing businesses and the people who create and manage the policies within that business is keeping up with the pace of change.

The past 5 years have seen huge shifts in how people work, where they work, and the norms and values of society. This is being reflected in the abilities for organizations to define what is permitted and what is not.

The platform is a great way to store your Code of Conduct policy in an online version. It is simple and quick to make updates to the policy. And it is simple and affordable to have every employee review that policy as frequently as you need them to. If you are looking for a better way to manage your Code of Conduct policy contact one of our Service and Support people and they will ready to answer your questions.

January 2018

When To Conduct Your Annual WHMIS Review

Every business or organization needs to review their WHMIS program at least once a year, and for many that is at the start of a new calendar year. This is an important part of your WHMIS program as it is what makes sure your WHMIS policies and procedures including your WHMIS training plan stays current with changes in the hazardous products in your workplace, and changes to WHMIS regulations.

Without a WHMIS Review some employers may not be aware of the changes to the WHMIS regulations implemented in 2015. A WHMIS Review can be done at any time of the year and can even be done more than once a year, as long as it is done at least once a year.

December 2017

Top 7 Policies to Review for 2018

As we approach the end of another year it is time to start planning a review of policies that may need to be updated. Some policies are undated as needed and others have specific revision frequencies. Here are some of the top policies to consider revising (or adding) for 2018.

Harassment Prevention Policy is one of the core policies that every organization would have as it is a requirement for compliance with most Occupational Health and Safety programs.

Drugs and Alcohol Usage in the Workplace Policy is one that all organizations in Canada need to update with the changes to Canadian legislation and changing times.

Information Technology Usage Policy is one that has many parts to it including the acceptable usage or computers, cell phones and other devices, requirements around security and password management, and social media practices and procedures.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy is an area that continues to evolve as there have been changes both from the legislative side as Canada increases protection on individuals private information in many areas including health care, financial services and employment. Businesses are also increasing their protection of intellectual property and practices through Internal Confidentiality policies and broader Code of Conduct Policies.

Occupational Health and Safety Policies have become broader and are in need of a regular review and update to be in compliance at a Federal and Provincial level as well as to be consistent with company specific policies and procedures.

Human Resource and Employment Policies include the many job specific policies relating to the details within an employment agreement such as vacation allowances and booking, sick time, training allowances, and dress code and workplace conduct.

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy is another policy that is in need of constant updates as the people and conditions which can lead to incidents of violence are constantly changing. A regular review of your Violence Prevention policy is necessary every time there is an incident, or on a regular basis, usually at least once a year.

November 2017

Seasonal Safe Work Procedure Training

It's that time of year when colder weather and snow affect many workplaces in Canada. Some workers may need to know how to safely operate a snowblower, how to manage icy surfaces to prevent slip, trip and falls, and many other weather related tasks related to their jobs.

There may have been changes to the equipment since last season and now is the time to update your training materials to ensure your people are trained and know how to operate the current equipmment to do the job.

These are just a few of the courses your employees may need:

If you already have your safe work procedures setup in your Employer account we can help you to update your content. And if you are not using online safe work procedure training talk to us about how easy it is to set up, how much time it can safe you to schedule the training, and how much more your employees will appreciate being able to do the training on their schedule.

October 2017

Manitoba Accessibility Training for Customer Service

Public Sector organizations have until November 1st, 2017 to comply with Manitoba's new Accessibility Customer Service Standards.They will join the Manitoba Government as the organizations that must be in compliance. Non profit and Private businesses have until November 1st, 2018 to be in compliance.

We are excited to announce a new online Manitoba Accessibilitty Customer Service training course. This course is designed for Manitoba employers. The biggest advantage of this course is that each employer has the ability to customize the content. They need to provide details on their Accessibility Plan as well as their Accessibility Customer Service Policies and Procedures.

When this is added to the content on Types of Barriers and Customer Service practices for each type of barrier, employees will be better equipped to ensure all customers have access to great service. And the goal of providing customer service which is inclusive for all Manitobans is acheived.

Contact the Service and Support Team if you are an Employer in Manitoba and need to provide accessibility training for your employees.

Working Alone or in Isolation

With the winter months approaching many organizations add seasonal workers. A good example of this is the recreational snowmobiling industry which relies on seasonal trail groomer operators to tend to the thousands of km of trails. In most situations, these operators are working alone and working in isolation.

If you have seasonal workers you hire this time of year, make sure they are aware of your Working Alone or in Isolation policy and procedures. And for your full time employees it can be a good time to remind them of any changes in procedures as a result of the colder weather.

And if you haven't seen how smooth the online policy management works talk to one of the Service and Support Team.

You can manage each policy in your account. For a policy which requires regular reviews like Working Alone it makes it very easy to make changes and have your employees review and sign off on the new version.

September 2017

Fire Prevention Week is coming up in October. NOW is the time to make sure your employees have completed Basic Fire Safety Awareness and Prevention training.

Understanding the types of hazards in the workplace that can result in a fire is an important first step in fire prevention. If you would like to customize this Fire Safety Course you can add your own fire prevention safe work procedures as well as Emergency Response Procedures. Talk to one of our Service and Support Team to get this done for you. 

August 2017

Supervisor and Manager Version of Training Courses available on request. Employers have a requirement to train all employees on a number of health and safety programs such as Harassment Prevention and Violence Prevention. An employee needs to know what the company policy is, and to understand the practices the company has in place to prevent an incident of harassment or violence.

A Supervisor or Manager may require a more in depth level of education and training to be able to handle their role in the process or reporting and resolving incidents in the workplace. An employee may need to be aware of a Violence Incident report form in the event they are ever involved in a situation of workplace violence. A Supervisor or Manager may need a more detailed understanding of how to complete the form to be able to assist an employee to make a report. And if the Supervisor or Manager is involved in the procedure for investigating and resolving an incident they will require the knowledge and understanding of the policy and procedures to do so.

If you are wondering, "Can I have two versions of Harassment Prevention training in my account?” the answer is yes, you can have an Employee version and a Supervisor and Manager version. Ask a member of your Service and Support Team to help you get this added to your account.

July 2017

New WHMIS Review and Refresher Course 2017 is now available. This is a new option for employers who need to make sure their employees are aware of their WHMIS program, but don't really need to take the same WHMIS training year after year.

In the past some employers trained only new employees and then did not retrain these workers for several years. Other employers have a set renewal frequency such as every second or every third year. And some employers don't want to take chances with it and retrain every year.

The Review and Refresher course combines a review of the employer's WHMIS program which employers are required to do once a year, with a refresher on the key information in the WHMIS system which covers the classifications, labels and Safety Data Sheets.

The new version is now available in your Employer Account. Contact our Service and Support Team if you have questions or would like to see if this course is a good option for your employees. 

June 2017

New Harassment Prevention, Workplace Harassment Prevention 2017 is now available. A new version has just been added to the Employer Account and includes several regions since the original version.

Contact Service and Support to if you have any questions on how to add this to your account. If you already have an earlier version of the harassment prevention as how you can include some of the revisions to an existing version of the training.

If you want to review the content ask for a free Access Code from one of the Service and Support Team.

May 2017

More Options for WHMIS education and training is something all employers have been asking for. A new option has just been added to allow employers to complete an annual WHMIS review with employees. The WHMIS review is an important part of a WHMIS program as it is an opportunity to "check-in" with each employee to verify their awareness and understanding of the organizations WHMIS program.  If there are any gaps in the awareness and understanding the Employer can follow up with each employee to address the concerns. 

There is also a WHMIS knowledge test built into the new WHMIS course and this serves to check each employee's knowledge of WHMIS in the form of a 20 question WHMIS test. If the employee does not get any questions correct they are able to do a debrief on those questions and check the content for the correct answer. The system has a built in WHMIS retest option to ensure each employee is aware of the correct answer for all test questions.

April 2017

Site Specific WHMIS training is something all employers have a requirement to provide. It is typically done after an employee has had a basic WHMIS or generic WHMIS training course which gives them the background understanding of WHMIS they need to be able to make sense of a hands on or more detailed discussion of WHMIS 

Site specific training gets into the specific hazardous products that are at the site or location, the hazards they present, and the safe work procedures employees need to follow to ensure their safety and well-being.

The question we are often asked is, "can we do site specific WHMIS training online? And the answer is "Yes you can". We have a great success story of how one of our clients used the generic WHMIS materials as a starting point to create a new course by adding in their own module on the WHMIS products and safe work procedures in their workplace

Contact us if you have an interest in WHMIS training that is more specific to the products, hazards and safe work procedures you have in place.

March 2017

This month we are featuring the "Create My Own Course" option. If you have a look at our Course list of health and safety courses and don't see a course you need is there a way you can create your own online training course? Yes you can.

You won't find "New Hire Training" in the list of online courses we offer. It is just too specific to each business. Each employer may also call the training something different. In March a Client added a Code of Conduct training course which is really a summary of policies and procedures which all their newly hired employees are required to complete.

They now have the convenience of easy training scheduling which benefits their training manager. Employees are able to complete the training online which is more convenient. And the lower cost of online training delivery puts money back into their training budget.

When you need training specific to your business or your workplace and there is no generic training available or it is not specific enough to your needs ask about a Do It Yourself training approach where you provide the content and we put it into your Employer account as an online training course. And if you need help with the content we do that to. See more details on the Create My Own Course with Me page.

February 2017

Every workplace needs an overall Health and Safety Policy. In most provinces it is a requirement based on the number of employees. Your policy is the foundation for your Health and Safety Program, the education and training you provide, and the Safe Work Procedures you put in place to ensure your worker safety.

When is the last time you updated your Health and Safety Policy? Make February the month you review your current policy and decide if hit is up to date. Make sure all your employees and especially newly hired employees are aware of your Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policy.

And when you want to make it really simple to manage you OHS policy and to allow your employees to review it, consider adding it to your Employer Account. Talk to one of our Service and Support team on how to do this.

January 2017

We welcomed in the New Year with a new Edition of the online WHMIS 2015 training course. As you know we update the course at the start of every year and make the course available for Clients using the system to train their employees on WHMIS.

There are a lot of improvements to the training technology to make the learning experience better, as well as reducing the time to complete the course.

Look for the new GHS WHMIS 2015 (2017 Edition) course in your account. Details were sent in the most recent newsletter and you can contact the Service and Support team if you have questions. 

December 2016

It's getting cold out there! And with the cold weather comes, ice and snow and the many other hazardous conditions of winter in Canada.

If you do not have a Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention program in place for your workplace it is one of the most common type of incident that leads to lost time in the workplace.

You can enable the Slip, Trip and Fall training course in your Employer Admin account. Remember you can use this as a generic level awareness training for your employees or you can customize the content in the course just for your employees and the hazard in your workplace.

November 2016

Clients using the system for their online training and testing and online policy management will have noticed a number of changes this month.

A number of changes were made in the Employer Admin area where you are able to monitor and manage your employee WHMIS training as well as the other safety training courses enabled in your account. A number of new capabilities were added to the system. We also moved some menu items to better group the most common tasks together.

If you can't find a task you used to do or it is different and you want any help, contact the Service and Support Team. We will do it for you or help you to do it yourself.

October 2016

Fire Prevention week is an October tradition as workplaces across the country place their attention on raising awareness of fire hazards in the workplace.

There is a saying to the effect that; where our attention goes is where energy flows and where energy flows the results will grow. We see many positive results from efforts aimed at workplace fire prevention. Take this as an opportunity to update your fire prevention program, test out your equipment and emergency response plans, and share your ideas with other health and safety professionals.

Make sure all your employees are aware of the basics of fire safety, fire prevention and the specific steps in your health and safety program to ensure everyone knows can do their part.

September 2016

A NEW Ethics and Values training course is now in development and is expected to be ready this fall. Employers are already dealing with situations around confidentiality and privacy where they have a requirement to ensure all employees are using the same principles for decision making and taking actions. Contact your Service and Support team to find out more about the new Ethics and Values training course and we will contact you as soon as it is ready.

August 2016

The new Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention training course is the newest training course to be added to the online safety training courses provided by Considering that musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) are one of the most common types of workplace injuries, having an Ergonomics program in place and providing education and training for employees is essential for your MSI prevention program. Contact us to enable this training course in your account.

July 2016

July is Vacation Time at and many of us enjoy some time off with our family and friends. For some it is a chance to get out and explore out great country. And for others it is a chance to enjoy non-work pursuits closer to home. Vacations are an important part of keeping balance in our lives. If a vacation is in your plans this summer make it a safe one and enjoy!

June 2016

The New WHMIS with GHS revisions still creating a lot of questions from Employers wondering what they need to do to be in compliance with the new regulations. It has been one year since the new WHMIS 2015 regulations took effect. As workplaces receive hazardous products that are labelled according to the new regulations they are ensuring employees are trained on the new WHMIS classifications, symbols and labelling information. There are essentially two versions of training, the old WHMIS or the new WHMIS and some are unsure which version they need. When you can any questions on WHMIS in Canada contact us.

May 2016

Working alone or in Isolation is the newest course to be added to the system for online health and safety training. When workers are alone or isolated from contact with other people there is increased risk to their health and safety. You will be able to manage your training for workers who are in situations where they are considered to be working alone right from your Employer account.

Watch for details on the Training Course list or contact us for more information. We expect to have this added to the Employer Account for you to enable by May 16th 2016.

April 2016

Safety Policy and Program Updates, yes you will now be able to add your Company Safety Policy to your Employer Account starting April 19. Most provinces have a requirement for employers to have a written Safety Policy in place, be posted in the workplace, and to ensure employees have reviewed and understand the Safety Policy. A Safety Program will also be required depending on your province and the number of employees you have. The Safety Program is a more detailed set of steps or tasks in place to ensure the intent and goals of the Safety Policy are met. It is a good practice to review each one at least once a year or whenever there are changes to the hazards in your workplace or changes in your policy and safe work procedures.

March 2016

New Worker Orientation gets your newly hired employees off to a good start. With spring comes the return of many seasonal positions. With the new Course Builder you can create your own "online" orientation. There are some health and safety requirements that are required in almost every workplace, such as Harassment and Violence Prevention. You can also include your own material to create a comprehensive program for new employees. Tell us what you want your employees to know and we will help you put it to gather.

February 2016

Notice Something Different? If you are on your phone or a mobile device you will know what we mean. The website is now mobile friendly or "responsive". The web site has been updated to use this new style of coding to allow it to be viewed and navigated on phones, tablets and notebooks.

And there's more, the Trainee module is now responsive as well. For those of you who prefer to do your training on the go you can now take your training in more places than ever. This is relatively new technology and while our goal is that it would work with all devices this may not be realistic. It you are taking your WHMIS or other safety training on your mobile device please let us know how it performs. It has been tested on the more common operating systems and brands and would be good to know any specific situations where it works well or does not.

January 2016

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations require almost all employers in Canada to have a Safety Policy and in some cases a Safety Program to ensure safety in their workplace. Each province has OHS regulations that provide more specific requirements as the level of Policy and Program that are required, typically a function of the number of employees in the workplace or specific sector of the workforce.

On January 20th 2016, released a new Company Safety Policy and Safety Program course for the Clients using the online safety training platform. This new course allows an Employer to put their Company Safety Policy into the same system where they are already doing their WHMIS training and many other types of health and safety training. Employees can then review the Safety Policy, and sign off on their acceptance. The content and materials for this course are specific to each Employer which meets the requirement under OHS to have a policy specific to the workplace and not a generic or standard policy that does not reflect the hazards in the workplace and the commitment of the Leadership of the organization. This course is available effective January 20th 2016.

December 2015

Every Workplace Has Hazards that lead to a Slip, Trip and Fall

The risk of slip, trip and fall is everywhere. When you add a hazard to the situation, such as an extension cord laid across a hallway the risk increases.

A "Slip, Trip and Fall" is really a type of incident that results from a hazard in the workplace. As you can see from the statistics there are a lot of incidents in Canadian workplaces. And these are incidents that have resulted in lost time at work. They do not include a near miss incident where the injury did not result in lost time at work.

This is a new course consisting of three (3) modules to help employees understand the risks of Slip Trip and fall, measures of control for the hazards that increase the risk of an incident, and what they can do to reduce the risk to themselves and others in your workplace.

This course will be the new Flex style course where you have the ability to customize the materials and could include a video tour of your workplace, images of safe work procedures related to preventing slip trip and fall incidents.

If you have questions, please contact Service and Support or you can click on the "+" icon to enabled the course in your Employer account using your Employer Admin log-in.

November 2015

NEW Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Training

241,933 Lost Time Injuries in 2013
that’s an average of 662 injuries a day

roughly 20% were a result of a Slip, Trip and Fall Incident!

A "Slip, Trip and Fall" is really a type of incident that results from a hazard in the workplace. As you can see from the statistics there are a lot of incidents in Canadian workplaces. And these are incidents that have resulted in lost time at work. They do not include a near miss incident where the injury did not result in lost time at work.

This is a new course in development and expected to be ready in December 2015. It will consist of three (3) modules to help employees understand the risks of Slip, Trip and fall, measures of control for the hazards that increase the risk of an incident, and what they can do to reduce the risk to themselves and others in the workplace.

This course will be the new Flex style course where you have the ability to customize the materials and could include a video tour of your workplace, images of safe work procedures on preventing slip, trip and fall incidents.

October 2015

October is Fire Safety Month!

You can now train your employees on Fire Safety in the Workplace for free as part of a Fire Safety Month promotion.

Fire Safety in the Workplace is a requirement for all workplaces. There are many employees that are not aware of some of the basic information such as what it takes for a fire to start, the different types of fires, fire extinguishers and common fire prevention measures.

The Course has three (3) modules:

  1. Module 1: Classifications and Types of Fires
  2. Module 2: Types of Fire Extinguishers and Use
  3. Module 3: Emergency Evacuation and Procedures

How Do I Add This Course?
When you log-in as the Employer Admin for your account you will see an updated dashboard that lists the available courses on the left side. You can click on the name of the course to view details on the course and see the rates. Click on the "+" icon to add the course to your account and follow the steps on screen.

Can I Customize This Course?
Yes, this course uses the new Flex Course Technology. A Flex course gives you the option to add your own content and test questions. In this case about the fire prevention policies and procedures in your workplace. This could include fire evacuation procedures, floor plans, locations of fire extinguishers and extinguisher usage instructions.

If you have not used one of our "Flex Courses" or customizable courses please contact us and we can answer any of your questions. It is easy to add your own content and can handle several different formats such as text, images, audio, video and PDF.

September 2015

Would you like to have your own LOGO on your training certificates?
Yes, you can do that!

Would you like to provide certificates for training you do offline or in person?
Yes, you can do that!

With the new flex Course technology. You can revise the standard course content and add new content. This means you can add your own material that is specific to your workplace and training standards.

Most jurisdictions do not recognize an online only version of training in situations where there is a greater risk of a serious incident AND where there is a need for hands on aspects of the training. Examples of this are for Fall Protection Training, where workers need to be trained how to "don and doff" their specific safety harnesses.

Another one is what used to be referred to as Forklift Operator Training. Someone can learn the basics of forklift operation online but there is a checklist of items they must be shown such as how to a walk around inspection prior to use, how to start and stop and several other items that can only be done in a face to face session. This is now referred to as Powered Mobile Equipment Training and is something you can setup in your account and issue Certificates to your employees.

When you combine online training delivery with a hands on delivery it is referred to as "blended training" and can be used to meet the requirements where an online only option is not sufficient.

When you want your logo added to your certificates contact our Service and Support team and we can add that for you.

August 2015

Everyone needs some Vacation Time!

August is a great month for vacation time. It is typically a transition between the fast pace of the summer and fall seasons. Most of us took a break from the office and schedule of steady new course development we have been on for 2015.

The development and changeover from the old WHMIS to the new WHMIS 2015 had been expected for some time, and even so there were a lot of details to look after to make this a smooth process for our Clients. The slower pace of August will help us to be ready for the back to school rush and excitement of the fall.

July 2015

SDS Library - Service to Manage Your Safety Data Sheets Online

Employers are required to have copies of their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) "readily available".  A new SDS Library Service has been enabled in your Company account since June 1st 2015.

You will see a "SDS Library" link in the top menu when you login.  The first time you click on this link you can sign up for service.  It is a subscription service that is $100 per year.  Once the signup is completed you will be able to add each of your SDS and upload the PDF version of the SDS to your account.  You can also upload PDF version of MSDS product to the library.

The SDS Library is accessible from the Employer Admin login to view, add and remove SDS and MSDS.  Your Trainees will also be able to view the SDS with any of their account login access codes for their trainee profile.

This gives you the ability to administer and/or your employees the ability to view from anywhere you have an internet connection.

June 2015

New WHMIS 2025 regulations are in effect in Canada. The implementation of revisions to the original WHMIS regulations from 1988 mean that a new WHMIS training course will be required which is based on the new regulations and the original regulations.  On June 1st 2016, released a new version of WHMIS training for their Clients. The new WHMIS program is being referred to as WHMIS 2015. This new training course provides information on both sets of regulations as most businesses will have a combination of old and newly labeled products in their workplaces as new products enter the supply chain and old products are phased out. The new rate for WHMIS 2015 is set at $19.99, with an upgrade rate in effect from June 1 to Dec 31 2015.


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