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Online WHMIS Training Course Overview

Online WHMIS Training is one way for people who work with hazardous products to educate themselves about the hazards that each product has which makes it a "controlled product" under the federal legislation.

In the past a lot of WHMIS training was done face to face, in a classroom or workshop setting. These were typically a half day to a full day session with a facilitator going through a set of materials on the background of WHMIS, the classifications of controlled products including the symbols, and the WHMIS labelling requirements and how to read a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). This would be done in groups of 10 to 50 people depending on the facilitator's capabilities and demand for the course.

With the advancement of technology and use of the Internet it is now possible to have a highly effective learning experience available "on demand". It may be 10 pm where I am and I am going for a job interview in the morning. It would look good if I can say I have recently taken a WHMIS course and could pass a WHMIS test if required.

With online WHMIS training you can sign up on our web site with a secure signup and payment processing. It is much more convenient to do whenever you want rather than the limited times you may be able to attend a workshop course. It is also very affordable at just $39.99 for an individual or $19.99 or less per person for a company account rate.

The top 5 reasons we hear from customers who prefer online WHMIS training are:

Getting your WHMIS training and certification online is not for everyone though. Some people like the social aspect of being in a classroom. You can create interaction with other learners and facilitators in an online learning experience. But for someone who really wants the ability to talk face to face with other learners or get up and write things on a white board as part of the experience, the online option doesn't offer that.

Most people who are learning about WHMIS have a specific purpose and want a quality training course that is delivered on demand as they need it.

Training for Individuals

Individuals looking to do online WHMIS training can click on this link to the signup page. It takes a couple of minutes to sign up and enter your information for your WHMIS Certificate and payment information. Your Access Code to login to the training course is instantly emailed to you and you are ready to begin the training.

Click Here for Individual Training

Training for Companies and Groups

For businesses or organizations looking to train multiple people you can create a company account which manages all of your trainee's records. This is great because you can easily keep track of who has and hasn't completed their WHIMS Certification. There is a one-time account setup and then the rate is just $8 per person. When you are ready to begin you can click on the following link:

Click Here for Group Training

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