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Why You Need Employee WHMIS Training AND Testing?

Employers are responsible for educating workers on the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). Knowledge of the classifications of hazardous materials is essential to being able to read a label, and make informed decisions on the safe use of hazardous materials. Employers also need to provide “how to use” training for the materials employees use and are exposed to. This hands on training is more effective when employees have already been educated or trained on the basics of WHMIS. In addition to the need for WHMIS training as part of compliance with Health and Safety legislation; the creation of a culture based on safety in the workplace is an investment.

Proof of Delivery

In order to meet the need for employee WHMIS training compliance there must be some evidence that the training has occurred. In a classroom setting this may be a sign in sheet for the attendees, which is then signed off on by the trainer. In an online setting proof of delivery can be established by monitoring employee’s access times in the system creating a detailed record of their training activities and can include interactions using functions like quizzes and assignments.

Evidence of Learning and Understanding

For the training to be considered effective there has to be a measurable retention of the materials and achievement of the learning objectives. Testing is a well-accepted tool for measuring retention and levels of understanding. A common method of testing is using random question sets based on the materials. It is helpful to provide feedback in the form of a debrief, so trainees are aware which questions they got wrong and why.

How Much Does Employee WHMIS Training and Testing Cost?

Training for companies and groups through is at a rate of just $19.99 or $14.99 per person taking the course. There is a self-serve for free option or one time $49 account set up to create your account and add your Admin user(s). The $19.99 or $14.99 makes training your workforce affordable because employees can learn on their own time spend less time off the job. You also save time administering and managing who has their WHMIS training and who needs their WHMIS training.

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Why WHMIS Is Good For Your Organization

Learning about WHMIS is an important part of all workers’ safety. Employers are required to educate workers on what WHMIS is to ensure they are knowledgeable on WHMIS and are aware of the hazards from the controlled products in their workplace. WHMIS Testing is one of the most common methods a business has to provide evidence of the training effectiveness.

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