Alberta WHMIS Training

WHMIS classifications of hazards, labelling and symbols for Alberta are the same as the other provinces and territories in Canada. For more information about Canadian Rules and Regulations - CLICK HERE.

In Alberta the local legislation and regulation for WHMIS is detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Code, Part 29.

Do my Alberta employees need WHMIS training?

The short answer is Yes. CLICK HERE for more information about this legislation in Canada.

At what frequency do I need to train my Alberta workers on WHMIS?

Each province and territory has local jurisdiction with regards to setting frequency of WHMIS training within their borders.

In Alberta employers who have controlled products in the workplace or workers exposed to controlled products must have a WHMIS program in place the law provides a standard for the effectiveness of the training and requires that the standard be achieved on an ongoing basis. To decide if this standard has been achieved an employer may use a WHMIS testing process and or use job observations to assess or measure the effectiveness of their WHMIS education and training programs.

Is a WHMIS Certificate required to work in Alberta?

By law, Alberta workers don't currently need to have a WHMIS Certificate, but a worker working on other job sites may be required by the site supervisor or others to have proof they are WHMIS Trained and a certificate can act as this proof. For more info CLICK HERE.

WHMIS Requirements in Alberta - Local Requirements

The jurisdiction that regulates WHMIS in Alberta is, Alberta Human Services,