British Columbia WHMIS Training

There is some national consistency regarding WHMIS, therefore, BC WHMIS has the same WHMIS symbols, classifications of hazards, and labelling as the other territories and provinces in Canada. Read more about WHMIS Rules and Regulations that are consistent across the country - CLICK HERE.

Local legislation and regulation for the implementation and enforcement of WHMIS in BC is covered in the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Part 5.

In British Columbia do I need to educate and train my employees on WHMIS?

The short answer is Yes. CLICK HERE for more information about this legislation in Canada.

How often do I need to train my workers on WHMIS?

This can vary depending on what province or territory you are from. If you are an employer located in British Columbia and have controlled products in the workplace or workers exposed to controlled products, then you MUST have a WHMIS program in place. The employees must then review their WHMIS program annually or whenever there is a change in conditions or a change in hazard information.

Do my employees need to have a WHMIS Certificate when working in BC?

By law, workers don't currently need a WHMIS Certificate to work in British Columbia, however, this documentation may be required by companies / employers of the works sites you are working on/in.

CLICK HERE for more information about this legislation in Canada.

BC Local WHMIS Requirements

When you have questions about local British Columbia WHMIS requirements you can contact the jurisdiction that regulates WHMIS for BC. More information is available at this link on the WorkSafe BC site,