Course Description:

New workers are 3 times more likely to be injured in the first month than experienced workers. Young workers under 25 are also more likely to be injured in the workplace.

This safety orientation course is a core safety program intended for all employees at all levels. It uses the combination of "Safe People", which is the behaviour part of your safety program and this course helps your employees to see their role in safety; and "Safe Place" which is the workplace part of the solution.

There are 5 modules in this course with a total running time of 60 minutes. Each module has a 5 question test and at once each employee successfully completes all 5 module tests, their safety orientation certificate of completion for the Safe Person in a Safe Place is emailed to them and to your course administrator.

  1. Introduction: WHY, the why behind safety training. There is a saying that when the WHY is great enough the How will find a way. This module covers the reasons WHY safety is as important to each of us as individuals and to all of us as an organization.
  2. Hazards: identification and types of hazards in the workplace, how to assess risks and implement controls. In addition to describing the process for hazard identification and risk assessment, it will outline options for the effective control of workplace hazards. It will set out the principles of hazard control, describe the different types of hazard control methods and provide information on how to choose and implement the most effective option.
  3. Workplace Inspections: The objective of this module is to increase the understanding of the role that workplace inspections play in a health and safety program. It explains how to plan an inspection, and provides some tools for conducting inspections and to record findings. It identifies different types of workplace inspections and describes what should be included in an inspection report. It also emphasizes the importance of identifying corrective action and following up to ensure that deficiencies are corrected.
  4. Incident Investigation: this module is developed from an understanding that incidents don't just happen - they are caused, and that every incident can be prevented if the causes are eliminated. The way to eliminate the causes of incidents is to investigated them properly and take corrective. And unless the causes are eliminated, the same situation is likely to reoccur. Current thinking in the safety and health field is moving away from the use of the term "accident" because of an inherent belief that accidents just "happen" and that they cannot be prevented. This module makes a distinction between the direct and indirect causes of incidents and identifies the five factors that need to be examined in order to determine indirect causes which, if properly addressed can reduce the likelihood of a re-occurrence. Finally it sets out the requirements for an incident report - a written account of the findings and recommendations for corrective action.
  5. Motivated People: this module identifies the ways in which the concepts and principles identified in the first four modules can be used to motivate people to achieve health and safety objectives and demonstrate due diligence. At the federal and provincial levels, OHS legislation is rooted in the internal responsibility system and sets out the duties and responsibilities of the workplace parties. This module emphasizes the role of all workplace parties - employers and supervisors, workers, safety and health committee members and worker representatives, in keeping the workplace free of hazards and risks. It outlines how the concept of due diligence is linked to the duty of care required to demonstrate regulatory compliance that involves not only providing a safe workplace but ensuring that people work safely in the working environment.

The testing is included following completion of the material review to check and confirm the Employee's understanding of the material and agreement to follow the requirements of the Harassment Prevention program of the Company.

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Time to Complete:

60 minutes running time. 75 minutes to complete.

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BUSINESS - $10.00