Course Description:

Manitoba has joined Ontario as provinces in Canada that have implemented regulations aimed at making access to products and services inclusive to EVERYONE. This includes people with disabilities who would otherwise not be able to access the products and services they need.

This training course comes with four (4) modules, two of which are standard and two which can be edited.

    Module 1 - It's About the Service introduces your employees to the concept of accessibility and why it is so important to your business to offer great service - that is available to everyone in your market.

    Module 2 - Understanding Barriers introduces the concept that it is the barriers in each workplace or business that prevent people from accessing the products and services they have to offer, and that their offer is made to all customers including those affected by the barrier.

    Module 3 - Our Policy is the portion of the training content which you provide.

    Module 4 - Our Procedures, which is an optional module.


  • Canadian compliant. Required in Manitoba.
  • Get certificate emailed instantly. Certificates are stored with Employee test records.
  • No renewal frequency is set for this training.
  • Start right away, pause and resume where you left off.
  • Test included, retest as many time as you need to.
  • Full service and support, phone, email or live chat.
  • Access Code is valid for one year.

Course Customization:

There are two modules that you will be able to customize. The first is the Policy. You can add your Customer Service Policy which states how you handle situations when someone is unable to access your products and services. You can copy and paste your policy from a Word doc into your online account, and add a PDF version if you want your employees to be able to save a version of the policy.

The second module that is customizable is the Procedures. However, this an option module. Since each Policy usually has one or more procedures this gives you the ability to include your procedures in the training. As an example your Customer Service Policy may state that you provide service to people who may be in a wheelchair through the use of a lift that will allow someone to get past a short set of stairs. Your employees need to know how to operate this equipment and the procedure to do so can be included in your version of the training.

Time to Complete:

30 minutes running time. 45 minutes to complete.

Course Price:

BUSINESS - $5.00