Slip Trip and Fall Prevention Training

Course Description:

This is one of the most common type of incident that leads to lost time injuries. When we talk about Slip Trip and Falls, we are talking about a fall that occurs at the same level. This type of Fall Prevention is not the same as a when we are talking about a fall from a height or a fall down to another level. This second type of Fall Prevention has specific regulations which apply when workers are working at heights.

Every workplace has a risk of an incident where someone falls as a result of a hazard in the workplace. Falls triggered by a slip or trip can be greatly reducted or eliminated through ongoing education and training to increase and maintain awareness of the risk and the safe work procedures to prevent these types of incidents.

This course consists of three (3) modules:

  1. The Importance of a Workplace Prevention Program
  2. Hazards and Controls
  3. Our Fall Prevention Program

This course is applicable for all employees in your workplace. You can enable this course using the Employer Admin account. If you need any help updating the content that is specific to your workplace you can contact the Service and Supprot team and someone would be happy to help you do that.

Using a combination of content that is standard, such as the three requirements for a fire to start and common terms and definitions. It also includes content and materials that are specific to your workplace, such as specific hazards and your safe work procedures for preventing Slip Trip and Fall incidents in your workplace.


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Time to Complete:

60 minutes running time. 75 minutes to complete.

Course Price:

BUSINESS - $10.00