Employers are responsible for ensuring their employees are adequately trained on the aspects of Transportation of Dangerous Goods that related directly to their duties as set out in the TDG Regulations.

Training typically begins with an awareness level training to understand the terminology, regulations, classifications, and specific aspects that relate to them. This can serve as a foundation for additional on the job and work experience training to reach a level which is adequate.

Generic versus Situation Specific Training Alternatives

The TDG regulations can be overwhelming and complicated. The Classifications section alone has many intricacies to it and generic training which goes into all 9 classifications may not be essential for an employee who only works with one class or products, or one specific product.

Because of this, Inc. has discontinued offering a generic TDG Road training course to employers and self employed individuals as of March 11, 2021. We will still work with employers who are interested in creating their own version of training based on their situation. The Transport Canada web site provides good direction on the outline of what needs to be included in the training. And the TDG Certificate has a clean set of boxes for which the employer is certifying that employee has received.

Create Your Own TDG Training and Certification

Our platform has the ability to add and manage the content as revisions to the TDG regulations are made and to enhance the training with company specific information and materials. A properly formatted TDG Certificate of Completion can also be generated.

This more company or employer specific Transportation of Dangerous Goods training is expected to be a better fit for employers with more employees to justify the setup time and cost. That setup time and cost can be partially offset by a lower usage cost and a more efficient training that only includes the aspects of the regulations which apply to your employees.

Please contact us to discuss the option of setting up your own TDG training to be accessible online. And for those clients who have used the Generic TDG training in the past we thank you for choosing us.