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There are quick links on the left to the most used pages. The menu above is organized for the two groups we serve.

Employers who need to provide training, testing and certification to be in compliance with Canadian Health and Safety requirements.

And Individuals who need health and safety training to get a job or for contract work.

With the end of the WHMIS 2015 transition period you may need to retrain your employees on the latest version of WHMIS. Manage all of your health and safety training in one online account.

And if you just want to know who we are what we do and why we do it read on...

Every business in Canada has rules. Some are the rules their own rules and some are set by someone else (Health and Safety rules). We serve Employers who need to train and educate their employees for Compliance.

Occupational Health and Safety regulations are set for every business. The regulations specify the minimum that the Employer needs to do to comply with the rules. These regulations are subject to changes. Being aware of the latest regulations and doing what they need to, makes following the rules a challenge for many small and mid-sized businesses.

We are knowledgeable on and work with our Clients to help them know what they need to do for Compliance with health and safety requirements. They use our Online Delivery systems for training, testing and to issue certificates to their employees. This gives them Proof of Delivery. And that is why they choose to work with us. We provide the tools that give our Clients the power and control to meet their compliance requirements. Because we all believe in Health and Safety.

100% Compliance * Online Delivery * Proof of Delivery

We are often asked “Why we do what we do?”

The first reason is because we love learning. We love seeing other people learn. Sharing knowledge helps both people grow. One person moves from not knowing to knowing. The other person moves to a deeper level of understanding.

The second reason is because we love creating. You will see this in the many online courses we have and we are adding new courses each month. You will see this in our Technology which we are constantly improving to make the learning experience better every day.

The third reason is because we believe in our Clients and know how important what we do is to them. Health and Safety is a Big Deal. Compliance is not easy.

Our systems and services make it simple to manage the compliance process. And what is simple gets done, and what gets done becomes a habit, which is what 100% Compliance is all about.

It may be everyone’s job to know their job. It’s our job to make that happen.