Guarantee & Refund


If for some reason our WHMIS certificate is not accepted by your employer, we'll refund you the entire cost of the course within 30 days of completion.

When you purchase from you will receive an email with a link to the login page and your unique 'Username' and 'Access Code' to view the training materials and take the tests.

We go to great lengths to ensure everyone gets their access code within seconds so they can begin training and testing immediately, and most importantly that their Certificate of Completion is displayed on screen and emailed as proof the training and testing was completed.

If for ANY reason you are not able to complete your training within 30-days we're happy to help you get your access code, help you login, or get you your certificate.


On request we will provide a refund within 30-days of your purchase, for the purchase amount, as long as the course has not been completed and the certificate has not been generated.