Manitoba WHMIS Training

The WHMIS classifications of hazards, symbols and labelling are consistent with the other provinces and territories in Canada, therefore, Manitoba falls under this legislation. CLICK HERE for general WHMIS rules and regulations.

Manitoba legislation and regulation for the implementation and enforcement of WHMIS is covered in the, Workplace Safety and Health Act and Workplace Health and Safety Regulation, M.R. 217/2006, Part 35.

Is WHMIS training required for my Manitoba employees?

To answer simply, Yes. WHMIS training is required workers in Manitoba. CLICK HERE for more information about Canadian WHMIS legislation.

How often do I have to retrain my Manitoba workers on WHMIS?

Each province and territory has the authority to legislate the frequency of WHMIS training and retraining. Currently Manitoba doesn't have a set training or retraining frequency specified. To ensure compliance organizations are required to ensure employees are knowledgeable and are following a best practice of training and retraining annually.

Do my Manitoba employees need a WHMIS Certificate?

By law, Manitoba workers don't have to have a WHMIS Certificate. This documentation, however, can be required as proof of having WHMIS training by a jobsite supervisor or employer. For more information CLICK HERE.

Manitoba Specific WHMIS Requirements

In Manitoba the WHMIS authority is Manitoba Labour and Immigration. More information is available at this link