What are the Legal Requirement for WHMIS Training?

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Look around your workplace. Are there products or materials around you right now that are classified as controlled products under WHMIS because of one or more health or physical hazards?

Even in the average office you may be surprised at how many hazardous products there are, and yet some people associate WHMIS with more industrial workplaces. The fire extinguishers in many businesses have compressed gasses and are considered a controlled product. Cleaning products are another common hazardous product found in every workplace.

Some workplaces use cleaning products that are purchased at a retail store and although may not classified as WHMIS products, if they are classified as a hazardous consumer product, employers must educate employees on the hazards of, and safe handling of consumer products, when they are brought into a workplace.

And many employees work off site, at other locations, clients, suppliers, where they can come into contact with WHMIS products. They are often required to have been WHMIS trained to enter these workplaces.

So, it would be very rare to have someone who does not require WHMIS training. The regulations state that, anyone in Canada who works or comes into contact with hazardous chemicals and controlled products in a workplace, or works in an environment with inherent risk, needs to be trained on WHMIS.

Some people have an attitude that they don't want to have to do training on health and safety education because it's boring? Is saving a life boring? No, it isn't, and the life you save could be your own. WHMIS was created to protect worker safety.

The practical applications that make health and safety training incredibly important are quite clear.

And with an online program like SafeAndCertified.com, training can go remarkably quickly - you can achieve your certification in just over one hour!

What is sometimes a challenge is how to determine if you are in need of any retraining or renewal of training. Most regulations require employers to complete an annual review of their WHMIS program, and Health Canada legislates that it is the responsibility of employers to make sure all of their employees are knowledgeable on WHMIS.

One way to determine if you are knowledgeable is to retrain and retest yourself to ensure you still understand WHMIS and are aware of any changes in WHMIS since the last time you were trained and tested.

If you have any questions as to your need for WHMIS training you can contact your provincial WHMIS authority and they can determine based on your workplace and the presence or absence of controlled products.

When you realize you need Canadian WHMIS certification, you typically need it right away. Maybe you have just hired a new employee and they need WHMIS training. Maybe you are retraining all of your employees.

Either way, with online WHMIS training provided conveniently online, you can schedule someone's WHMIS training in minutes. You'll even get a notification email when they have completed it, including a copy of their WHMIS Certificate of Completion.

And if you are an individual looking for personal WHMIS training in Canada to help you get a job or contract or term work, you can sign up, pay online and complete the training, from the convenience of your own home or wherever you have Internet access.

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