Ontario WHMIS Training

There is consistency among all provinces and territories in Canada as it relates to the classification of hazards, symbols and labels. These elements are an important part of the Canadian WHMIS program and therefore Ontario follows this general legislation. CLICK HERE more information about Canadian WHMIS Rules.

In Ontario local legislation and regulation this is covered in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the WHMIS Regulation R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 860, as amended by: O. Reg. 36/93.

As an employer in Ontario, am I required to educate and train my employees on WHMIS?

Workers in Ontario and all other Canadian provinces and territories are required to be educated on WHMIS. CLICK HERE for more information about Canadian WHMIS training requirements.

How frequently do I need to train my workers on WHMIS in Ontario?

Each province and territory is the regulatory authority as it relates to this question. Ontario currently doesn't have a hard and fast rule for this question but it is becoming common to see organizations practicing an annual training and retraining for their employees as a way of ensuring that employees are knowledgeable on WHMIS and ensuring their compliance.

Do I need to have a WHMIS Certificate for my employees in Ontario?

Ontario WHMIS laws do not require that a WHMIS certificate is issued, however, it is good practice to have a certificate as proof of knowledge, training and compliance. For more information CLICK HERE.

Ontario Specific WHMIS Requirements

When you have questions about Ontario WHMIS requirements you can contact Ministry of Labour, Health and Safety. More information is available at this link on the Ministry of Labour website, www.labour.gov.on.ca.