Yukon WHMIS Training

Federal, provincial, and territorial legislation make up the WHMIS system in Canada. CLICK HERE more information about Canadian WHMIS Legislation.

The provincial component in Yukon is covered in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the WHMIS Regulations O.I.C. 1988/107.

As an employer in the Yukon. Am I required to educate and train my employees on WHMIS?

Workers in the Yukon and all other Canadian provinces and territories are required to be educated on WHMIS. CLICK HERE for more information about Canadian WHMIS training requirements.

How frequently do I need to train my workers on WHMIS in the Yukon?

The provinces and territories have jurisdiction in this area and currently Yukon law states that employers must have a WHMIS program in place if workers are exposed to controlled products. They must also review their WHMIS program annually if there is a change in hazard information or change in conditions.

Do I need to have a WHMIS Certificate for my Yukon employees?

Yukon WHMIS laws do not currently require that a WHMIS certificate is issued, however, it is good practice to have a certificate as proof training, knowledge and WHMIS compliance. For more information CLICK HERE.

Specific WHMIS Requirements for the Yukon

More information is available at this link on the Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board website, www.wcb.yk.ca.