Course Description:

It is often said that an organizations people is its greatest asset. And most would agree that the people in the organization determine the reputation of the business which leads to success or failure.

We live in a very diverse world and we know that not everyone shares the same level of ethics. This course includes a standard module on Ethics which helps people to understand what Ethics are and how important it is that everyone makes ethical desicions in the workplace. The next module you would customize to suit your organization.


  • Content can be customized specific to your workplace.
  • Certificate issued.
  • Set your own renewal frequency for this course.
  • Start right away, pause and resume where you left off.
  • Test included, retest as many time as you need to.
  • Full service and support, phone, email or live chat.
  • Access Code is valid for one year.

Course Customization:

You can customize the second module by adding your own content for your Code of Conduct policy, such as:

    Text - if you have your Code of Conduct policy in a Word doc it makes an easy transition to put the text into a set of online pages. Its simple, fast to setup and easy to maintain.

    Images - some Clients have been using PowerPoint presentations for their Code of Conduct training . The look good and have a consistent format and we convert the slides to online pages.

    Audio - adding audio narrations to PowerPoint slides is a nice touch and makes it easier for the learner to understand and retain the information.

    PDF - if you have some of your materials like Procedures, checklists or forms in PDF that's OK we can add those to your online materials for your employees to review.

    Video - and since video can be one of the most effective ways of getting a message across load clips for the parts of your message where its the best choice.

Time to Complete:

30 minutes for Ethics Module, Code of Conduct varies.

Course Price:

BUSINESS - $10.00