"Our campus has been using SafeAndCertified since 2010 and it has been very positive experience. The company responds to our request in a timely manner and the system company used is very user friendly. "

  Lily Chao, Campus Coordinator/Student Services   |   Vancouver Career College, British Columbia

  Lily Chao
Campus Coordinator/Student Services
Vancouver Career College
British Columbia

"I have really enjoyed using SafeAndCertified.com to do our WHMIS training. As an administrator of our system I have found it very easy to setup and use. The support from SafeAndCertified is really good. Any questions I have had were answered quickly and to my satisfaction. I would recommend the system to any company to get their training done. Keep up the good work! "

  Roger Worms   |   Western School Division, Manitoba

  Roger Worms
Western School Division

"Great company, friendly service. Setting up an account was easy and the value proposition is second to none in the business of online safety training. Strongly recommend that anyone in need of safety training for their company use SafeAndCertified.com. You will not be disappointed."

  Michael Bonnick   |   Aziza Finishing Solutions, Ontario

  Michael Bonnick
Aziza Finishing Solutions

"We've had a great experience using your SafeAndCertified site for WHMIS training. It is now a requirement to include WHMIS in every program. We were already ahead of the game and have been using your site for to teach each of our 11 classes. I, personally, assist our students in navigating through the training and I find it very user friendly.

We have a range of ages and some of our older students may not be totally comfortable with computers but have no trouble in making their way through the modules. I LOVE the Administrative aspect, and it is so helpful that our staff has electronic access to all certificates. Everyone there has been extremely helpful. From our initial setup to billing, questions, etc. I've found the Customer Service to be first rate. Keep up the good work! "

  Reena Gills, Director of Marketing & Admissions   |   Cape Breton Business College, Nova Scotia

  Reena Gills
Director of Marketing & Admissions
Cape Breton Business College
Nova Scotia

"As an Administrator Safe and Certified gives me the ability to: add as many departments as needed, add trainees within my department, create and send access codes, filter training by course, filter training by department, filter training by date, filter training by name, track training and follow up with managers, view certificates online, view % of training completed and active, receive automatically copies of certificates, terminate trainees and access codes.

The web site is very user friendly and Allan Dubyts is always very prompt to answer my questions or help me set up admin user accounts and reset passwords. Safe and Certified provides excellent customer service."

  Véronique Morris, Administrative Manager   |   Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Ontario

  Véronique Morris
Administrative Manager
Victoria University in the University of Toronto

"We have been using SafeAndCertified.com for a number of years. We have found the ease of navigation and the effectiveness of the knowledge provided to us and the students to be exactly what we need. Technical support has been fast and very helpful. We look forward to using this system for years to come and hope to see more certificate courses that meet the industry needs for the programs we offer."

  Sharon Ullom, Director   |   Insignia College of Health and Business, British Columbia

  Sharon Ullom
Insignia College of Health and Business
British Columbia

"Some time ago our General Contracting company had need to centralize and expedite certain training to our team members. WHMIS training being the predominant need at the time I searched for a suitable platform and reputable company to deliver this training.

SafeAndCertified.com was soon on the shortlist and with a few discussions with a company rep, felt comfortable to proceed in using their services. I must say that the experience was seamless. The company representative was more than open to explain their offerings in detail, the delivery mechanism simply easy to use and the training more than sufficient for our needs. I have been very satisfied with the services that SafeAndCertified.com provides and would highly recommend this company to those in need of the same. Very professional and proficient in the delivery of their product. Great experience."

  Bob Peters   |   Keystone Contactors & Builders, Manitoba

  Bob Peters
Keystone Contactors & Builders

"Hi I am writing to recommend SafeAndCertified. They are very thorough and professional. Their rates are excellent."

  Don Beamish   |   Larch Wood Enterprises, Nova Scotia

  Don Beamish
Larch Wood Enterprises
Nova Scotia

"I am new to the position of administrative assistant to our Work Experience Program so have only been working with SafeAndCertified.com for the past few months. During this time, I have found SafeAndCertified.com very helpful and extremely efficient when requesting access codes and login information for our students. My contact is Allan Dubyts. Most times he provides the information within 24 hours if not sooner.

When students provide their completion certificate, they give little feedback. I take this as a good sign the online course went smoothly and without difficulties accessing or completing the course.

By chance yesterday I contacted SafeAndCertified requesting a copy of a completion certificate from some time ago. Again, the service was very quick and helpful.

I should also share with you that during some brief training by the previous assistant, she too mentioned staff at SafeAndCertified were very friendly and helpful and I would have no problems with my relationship with them.

Thank you for providing this valuable service to our students and at a very reasonable fee."

  Dina Passarini, Work Experience Assistant   |   LJ Lloyd Crowe Secondary School, British Columbia

  Dina Passarini
Work Experience Assistant
LJ Lloyd Crowe Secondary School
British Columbia

"We have had a great experience using SafeAndCertified.com. It is very convenient how they can import all your trainees for you, or you can manage all of it yourself. We feel confident that we can trust SafeAndCertified.com to always be there for all of our support inquiries. To top it off their price is extremely affordable! It has been a pleasure working with SafeAndCertified.com."

  Keith Burch   |   G/L Designs 2005, Manitoba

  Keith Burch
G/L Designs 2005

"We found SafeAndCertified to be very helpful in updating our WHMIS training. Several employees had no computer experience, but were able to work through the modules with minimal help. The follow up service with WHMIS Certificates and training records was timely and effective."

  Ross McDonald, Production Manager   |   Northern Plastics Ltd., British Columbia

  Ross McDonald
Production Manager
Northern Plastics Ltd.
British Columbia

"Bison Janitorial Services is using the online WHMIS training Services provided by safeandcertified.com. We have found this to be a very easy and inexpensive way for our employees to get their WHMIS certificates. I would recommend this to any company to use."

  Traci Longley, Office Manager   |   Bison Janitorial Services, Ltd., Manitoba

  Traci Longley
Office Manager
Bison Janitorial Services Ltd.

"We have been using the services of SafeAndCertified.com for several years now, and I have nothing but good things to say about the service that we have received.

As an electrical contracting company that has numerous projects on the go, and the need to increase our manpower unexpectedly, we always need to provide employee certifications in a timely manner to meet our schedules and deadlines.

SafeAndCertified.com has made it very convenient for us to make sure our employees have the required documents necessary to make them compliant on our various job sites.

We work on projects on many industrial sites, including mining operations, commercial and city municipal sites. Because of the high profile projects we work on and the safety requirements that are necessary on these sites, the service that is provided for us by SafeAndCertified.com is invaluable.

I feel that the service that we receive is of excellent value and I would recommend their services to anyone that requires employee certifications in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner."

  Grant Vogt, Office Administrator   |   Harrison Industrial Contracting Ltd., British Columbia

  Grant Vogt
Office Administrator
Harrison Industrial Contracting Ltd.
British Columbia